First Suggestion:

Do not set it as replace;

Replace used to be the recommended practice pre Win8.1/Win10/Server2012r2, Microsoft changed how it behaves without much documentation on it. 

The symptoms were completely random errors popping up with no realtion to each other.
Exit out and try the same steps again and it should work without problems.
It would only impact individual users on the RD server, not all users at the same time (so when their group policy happened to be refreshing causing the mapped drive to briefly disconnect and then reconnect).
And there was zero packet loss or other network issues.

Here are the errors that can sometimes follow:

An MS Visual FoxPro window would pop open.

Second Suggestion:

1) Browse to bro folder and find 'Config.fpw' file. Open with notepad and make sure it reads as below:

Test for a day or so... if no changes, then continue with

2) We would like to suggest Googling 'turn off background refresh of group policy'

3) Google 'Configure keep-alive connection intervall'

4) Increase Ram on your server(s)

5) In Utilities - Define Your Company Information - Software Directories tab. Please change the folder location using the numbering system to the next sequential number. Having tremendously full folders may create a hug lag on your network, thus creating a disconnect to the server.

6) The picture below is a suggested solution. This was a fix for a power broker customer.

(Disclaimer: This has not been tested by the Power Broker support team, this is just a suggested solution.)

Third Suggestion:

Go into Control Panel - Power Options. Next to Balanced (Recommended), click on 'Change Plan Settings'. From the drop down that says 'Put the computer to sleep', choose Never.

'Speed up' Suggestion
If users are reporting a speed issue from workstations connecting from a mapped drive taking 8 seconds to load the software login screen. Once the registry was changed on the server, the screen then changed from 8 to 2 seconds.

- Add the three highlighted with Edit, New, Dward Values.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and locate System\CurrentControlSet\Services|Lanmanworkstation\Parameters