With recent changes to Economical and Wawanesa methods of downloading, it is imperative that you check a few of your Power Broker settings to ensure you have the best synchronization settings possible.  Although rare, both companies may use the same policy number.  These next steps will ensure that if you do business with both of these insurers and they happen to issue the same policy number, one doesn't merge into the other.

In Utilities, define your Company Information, EDI Tab, there is a question that states:
Check for Duplicate Policies from Different Insurance Companies

This should say 'Y'

Exit Power Broker and log back in for this to take effect.

Example Procedure One:

If you are performing 'Merge Automobile or Habitational Policies', and you receive a first warning message that there is a duplicate policy, you would make note of the policy number and make note that the downloading policy will be changed to 2032876-E

To do this, exit the last window, and then to go EDI, Change Downloading Policy Number.

Type in the existing policy number, and then enter the new policy number but include a -E for Economical ( Please see example ) and click Proceed.


Example Procedure Two:

If this were a WAWA policy downloading, and you only wanted the ECON policies to have the ending -E , you can always make note of what the policy screen on the duplicate warning screen, and go to Policies, Change a Policy/Binder Number.  Enter the ECON policy number, the ECON policy number with a -E, type N to all of the other questions and click Proceed.





Revised:  02/06/2019