Send – Proceed

Review – Optional 

Reformat – Proceed

Merge  Auto -  Print Reports – Proceed

Merge  Hab - Print reports – Proceed

Merge edocs – Print – tab through boxes – Once the 'Next Record' button turns grey, you have completed merging.

Post/Delete – maximize the screen – review the transactions - Mark P or D in the Post /Delete box – Select post or delete button

Reset Electronic Documents Download - Proceed

Merge Unattached eDocs to Customers (Batch Image Attachment) – if empty close out, if not empty associate files to policy

If you have Agency Bill Transactions, go to Invocing, Print and Post Agency Bill, Expand, Unposted Transactions, review the transactions, and then choose the print and post button option.

NOTE for EDOCS Users - Should you ever forget to print your list of EDOCS, from the main Power Broker desktop, go to Policies, Choose Abeyance / Documements Diary Detail Report.  Click on 'All Items' and then 'Date Entered' and type in the date required, and choose 'Seleted Type Only' and select a capital 'Q'.

Edited April 2016