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EDI Data - PB4 Update - Version 4.33.14 Dated March 1/2019

If you are experiencing issues with EDI Download beggining March 1st, 2019 just after applying the Power Broker Update, please continue reading.

Symptoms:  'I only see Economical files downloading, but where are my other companies?"

You will need to first apply the latest version of Power Broker dated March 7th, 2019 located on the home page of our site and if you deal with Economical, you should 'stop' doing your EDI procedure until you apply this update.

If you updated over the weekend, and attemped to do EDI during the first week of March, then please follow this link (click here) to print and review your next steps.

If these instructions do not work for you due to an improper Mastercom Upgrade by missing the installation to 7-Zip, you will need to contact your insurance companies and ask them to resend the days after you updated the Power Broker update after March 1st 2019.