The Power Broker Team would first off like to thank you for choosing Power Broker.  The installation of Power Broker 4 should be relatively direct.  If you find this document to technical, you may want to involve your local technical support person or contact our office. 

Setting up Power Broker:

On your server, or the workstation that you plan on making your server depending on your size, follow these few steps:

On the new server, create a folder called \DATA.

Right click and share this folder to 'Everyone'.

Click on 'Permissions' and ensure that 'Everyone' has full permission.

Once copied, map a drive to the C:\DATA directory using the drive letter you found in a previously mentioned step. ( example P:\ drive - or have a look at the communications you have had with our sales team and it should list what drive to use but generally, it's the P:\ drive )

Now that you have a P:\ drive, download the setup.exe install file to the root of the P: drive.  Once downloaded, you can then double click on the setup.exe file and then point the installation to the \BRO folder on the P:\ drive.  

Once this is installed, open Windows Explorer and browse to a file on in the P:\BRO folder called BROW.EXE.  Right click on this file, and choose ' Send To Desktop' and 'Create a shortcut' .  Rename this new icon to PB4.  Still in Windows Explorer,  find a file called PowerTools, right click, send to Desktop, Create new Shortcut.  Now search for a file called 'Workstation.exe' and run this file.  Once installed, close Windows Explorer.

The 'Fix Corrupted Database' is a utility run for Power Broker that checks the integrity of the databases.  This feature needs Data Execution Prevention to be disabled.  One option is to go to your Control Panel, go to System, Advanced, Performance Settings and under the Data Execution Prevention, place a dot in the top circle.  This will require a reboot of the server.

If you would rather not do this to your server, your other option would be to only run Fix Corrupted Database at a workstation following the same rule.  One computer that plans on running this Power Broker Utility will need this setting to be disabled.

Double click on the new Power Broker icon, and it should bring you into a Power Broker log in screen.

On any other subsequent workstation you may want to add, map the same P:\ drive as all of the other computers, and run Workstation.exe found in the \BRO directory and create an icon as mentioned earlier.

NOTE:  UNC paths are NOT supported.  You must have a mapped drive!

Continue the same procedure, workstation by workstation until done.

If you have any other questions about this, please contact our technical support team.