Sepember 12/2018
Economical Guidewire/Vyne System:
- Using the new Economical Guidewire/Vyne method, please ensure that you use the new contract number/agency guide that economical has provided to you. If you do not change this contract number the daily download will be missing the new Vyne policies. For further questions, please contact Power Broker tech support.

September 6/2018
Critical Mastercom Update:
    - CSIO has been working to transition brokerages to web services for connectivity with CSIOnet, which will replace the Juniper VPN which is no longer supported. The deadline for brokerages to migrate to web services is Tuesday October 4th, after which Juniper will be shut down. Brokers continuing to use Juniper after this date will be unable to connect to CSIOnet.
In order to check which version of Mastercom you are running, please go to the computer that does EDI download, click the Start button on the desktop, All Programs, you will see either Broker EDI  or Mastercom Broker EDI. On the drop down options - choose Settings Main. Your version will read at the top of this screen. If it shows a version that starts with 8, you are still using the Juniper connection and will need to update to the version 9 using Web Services. Please forward this link below to your brokerages IT support.

July 16/2018

    - The Bulk eDOCs download options will be removed from Power Broker in the next software release. Bulk download was used by a number of Insurance Companies, before eDOCs were sent as XML transactions through CSIOnet. By 2012 CSIONet eDOCs was in full swing, and had basically replaced the bulk eDOCs download. We have left the bulk download in the system for 6 more years, but if any brokerage is still using the bulk method, they should switch to CSIONet eDOCs.

The 5 options shown on the EDI menu right below Reports & Functions below, have been removed.

June 6/2018
    - Users with the recent windows update must make sure that the computer that is running Pathway, Agency Revolution or Client Desk daily sync updates from the Task Scheduler has it's Windows 10 date format set to the Short Date format. (example: YYYY-MM-DD)

March 28/2018
    - Power Broker to integrate My Proof of Insurance eDelivery

June 26/2017
    - Any brokerages that receive download from Economical must be running Mastercom Version 9.3 (Link below)

June 12/2017
    - CSIO has updated their downloading standards. For more details, click here.

April 7/2017
    - If Brokerages would like to start downloading Commercial eDoc's with Optimum Insurance Companies, brokerages must first download and install the latest copy of Mastercom from (Version 8.17)

March 13/2017
    - Changes to Power Broker log in screen - Users are now prompt to input their User ID Code and Password. In case the User was not sure of their User ID, they can check under Tables tab - User Security Codes. Any users with 3 or more characters for their User ID will only need to enter the first two characters.

February 8/2017
    - Enhancement to enable editing of Branch Code on Direct Bill Mainteneance screen. Due next release.

January 27/2017   
    - Error 1104 - CLICK HERE for resolution.  This error will typically generate by moving your Power Broker software to a newly updated server or operating system.

January 24/2017
    - Customer and Prospect list #1 (Extended 5 lines) will now show the second email address, referred by, and referred by date. Due next release.
    - Abeyance home screen 9 user definable 'Hot' buttons. User will be able to further define which abeyance/note types they filter on.

January 19/2017
    - New CSIO Commercial Automobile application, now 9 detailed pages instead of 5. Due next release.