Wawanesa Insurance Move to Guidewire in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba - February 20, 2019
The Power Broker software update dated February 20th, 2019 or later, will now automatically change the Wawanesa Insurance policy number to the new policy number for that policy as the policy comes to you on download from the new Guidewire System for the first time. Because the Fixed IDs are preserved from the Legacy Wawanesa system to Guidewire, there should be no manual matching necessary as the daily download policies are merged.

We have added an option to the EDI section of the Define Your Company Information Screen to allow you to decide how to handle the policies in Power Broker as they rollover from the Wawanesa Legacy System to Guidewire. The question reads "Base Wawanesa Guidewire policy rollover on (C) Change Policy Number or (A) Assign Policy to New Market ( C / A ) :".

If you select (A) Assign Policy to New Market, the existing policy is left in place, but it is cloned and the new downloading policy is saved overtop of it. You will now have 2 policies in the system, the existing policy still in force until it expires and the new Guidewire policy with the new policy number and the future dated effective date, as the renewals are sent out 45 or so days in advance. For this option, the insurance company code you use in Power Broker for Wawanesa must be WAWA.

If you select (C) Change Policy Number, the policy number is simply changed to the new number, and it is the same as any renewal download except the policy number was changed.

Notice to all Economical Insurance Brokerages:

1) Brokerages that downloaded and installed the Power Broker update dated between November 27th and 28th will have a duplication problem on their download. These brokerages will need to reapply the update that is currently posted on our website. To verify if you need to update you can go into your BRO folder, look for brow.exe and if the time stamp is dated for November 26th, then please apply Power Broker update.

2) You must make sure you download and install the latest version of Power Broker and Mastercom. Economical Vyne is a brand new product and technology and we had to make a lot of programming changes and additions to accomplish the Vyne integration. It is possible that more programming corrections will be made in the future, so you must make an effort to stay current with your Power Broker and Mastercom software at least over the first 6 months of Vyne.

CSIO is disabling vulnerbale TLS ciphers on Web Services. Some brokers
may get "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" message.
They will need to update to Mastercom version 9.8m to correct.

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Customer Testimonial

“Choosing Power Broker as our BMS was one of the best decisions we ever made.  The system is extremely user friendly, and the support staff is very friendly and easy to deal with.  I would highly recommend PB”.
John M. Ferraro
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"Power Broker allows us to compete with larger brokerages at a lower cost; which means we win."
Kenneth Coughlin
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"Power Broker is the champion of the small broker, delivering a BMS system which is affordable and at the same time provides the brokerage with all the tools they need in today’s fast changing industry.  It truly is the best value for your money!! We have been a Power Broker customer since 1998 and now have over 60 users. Zycomp continues to improve and expand what Power Broker can offer, it really surprises me what he can do for the small fee we pay.  Check it out, you will not be sorry."
Jeff Cooke
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