On the EDI computer, go to Start, All Programs, BrokerEDIPCEmail Engine, Settings Main, and use the Main Settings – Display/Print Settings option and print the notepad document that opened.

Close Settings Main, and proceed to Start, Control Panel and uninstall Mastercom.

Reboot your computer.

Go to Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced, Environment Variables, and make sure the MV path in the bottom window is correct. If it’s not, change it to the proper drive with the \Email folder.

In my example, my MV Variable is Q: so it should say MV – Q:\Email

If a change was required, you must Reboot your computer.

Go to www.power-broker.com and then links, and then Mastercom and then download the new Setup.exe to the ROOT of the drive where the \BRO and \EMAIL and \IMAGES folder are but NOT inside of any of these folders.

Once downloaded, you would run the install. During the install, make sure that the Mastercom install is pointing to the correct drive and you’re \email folder.

Once installed, Reboot.

Go to Start, All programs, Java, Configure Java, Security, and slide the bar down to ‘Medium’. ( if you do not have java, go to java.com and install and then return and change these settings ). Under Security, you may also want to go to the Exceptions List and add https://csionet.com . Close all Internet Explorer browsers for this change to take affect.

Open Internet Explorer, and in the address line at the top left, erase everything and type csionet.com .

When the website opens, type in your username and password. If it asks you to install Juniper, say yes, and always.

NOTE:  If Juniper keeps looping over and over and does not cooperate, follow these steps:
Go to your Control Panel, Programs and Features, and uninstall Juniper ( You may see three Junipers in the list, uninstall all )

Your next step it to establish if your pc is 32 or 64 bit.  To do so, go to Start, Control Panel, click on System.  It should tell you if you are 64 bit, but if it doesn't mention that you are 64 bit, we are assuming you are 32 bit.

Click here to select the version you need, download and install.
64bit Computers click here to install Juniper Network Connect
32bIt Computers click here to install Juniper Network Connect

Once installed, go to Start, All Programs, Juniper, and then Network Connect  ( Type https://csionet.com/ into the address line above )
Do not close this window as you have two more things to retrieve but go to the next step.

You would then go to Start, All Programs, Broker EDI PC Email Engine, Settings Main and complete this screen.

Copy the Username and Password into the Network Connect boxes that are empty.  Click Sign In.

Go to Start, All Programs, Broker EDI, Settings CSIONet and click on ‘Parameters’ and ensure that you click on ‘Browse’ to get to the proper 7.1 path.

I would then test and see how things go.

Edited September 9/2014