On the EDI computer, go to Start, All Programs, BrokerEDIPCEmail Engine, Settings Main, and use the Main Settings – Display/Print Settings option and print the notepad document that opened.

Close Settings Main, and proceed to Start, Control Panel and uninstall Mastercom. You can also uninstall the Java and Juniper applications that the old Version 8 Mastercom used to use. Now that you will be updating to the Mastercom version 9 you will no longer need those applications.

Reboot your computer.

Go to Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced, Environment Variables, and make sure the MV path in the bottom window is correct. If it’s not, change it to the proper drive with the \Email folder.

In my example, my MV Variable is Q: so it should say MV – Q:\Email

If a change was required, you must Reboot your computer.

Go to the link posted below and then download the new Setup.exe to the ROOT of the drive where the \BRO and \EMAIL and \IMAGES folder are but NOT inside of any of these folders.


Once downloaded, you would run the install instructions below. Please make sure anti-virus is turned off before doing so.

Type CMD in your Windows search box and open your Windows Command Prompt.

In the DOS Window, type the drive letter of where you have your BRO and EMAIL folder followed by colon. Example P: <enter>. Then type setup.exe <enter>. You will need your Mastercom Product ID during this install.

At the end of the Install, you will see a window pop up to 'Install 7-Zip to Zip the download'. Click 'OK' and then point the Destination Folder to the 7-Zip folder found in the EMAIL folder, click 'Install'. Reboot.

You would then go to Start, All Programs, Broker EDI PC Email Engine, Settings Main and complete this screen.

Copy the CSIO Username and Password into the Network Connect boxes that are empty, and all other information.

You may need to do this process on other EDI workstations if they are installed incorrectly.

Then, test your EDI download.

If you are looking for uninstall instructions for the old Mastercom Version 8, Click HERE.