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Restoring EDI Download - Data Screen Info Only - not Edocs/XML

In certain situations, you may need to restore your EDI download from the past to present.  To do this, please follow these steps:

Go to the Windows Start button, and then look for Mastercom in your list of programs, and then select number 3 from the list.

You would check mark the 'List files in archive' option then click Browse.

Click on the 'Date Modified' row to place the newest files at the top of your list.
Find the day that you wish to restore and click Open.

You would then click on the Extract box, and then OK.

You would now return back to Power Broker and go to EDI, and choose Reformat Latest CSIO Download.

If you needed to restore multiple days, and you had just restored a download from Monday as this was the first day that you had an issue, you would repeat this for Tuesday, Wednesday, you would restore one file, do the reformat, come back and restore the next file for the next day, then reformat, then restore the following day, and reformat.  You would continue with your typical EDI steps by merging your Daily Auto, Hab, Edocs, Post or Delete functions.

NOTE:  If however you click on 'Browse' and nothing is in your list, this mean you have missed the steps on one of the Mastercom Updates.  To get your EDI download back for the days missing, you would need to contact  your insurance companies and request the download to draw in the days missing. 

To fix your EDI Backup , you would follow this link, print off the instructions, and go from start to finish.