Power Broker by the Numbers


15 - The average years each support staff member has been employed.
This guarantees your problems are handled by Senior Support Staff.
26 - The number of years Power Broker has been available.
Power Broker is proudly 100% Canadian and independantly owned.
115 - The number of licenses held by our largest customer's.
Power Broker can meet the needs of even the largest brokerages.
820 - The number of active installation in Canada and the Caribbean.
Power Broker has one of the largest number of installations in Canada.
1900 - The annual support fee paid by a typical 10 session installation.
Power Broker is the most affordable solution available.


Power Broker is the affordable Broker Management Solution


The upfront purchase price includes web based training, initial load processing and the first full year of support fees. The competition charges extra for these services.

The annual support fee is the lowest available, compare your support fees to Power Broker using the example below and see how much your business will save.  You may be shocked!

Annual Support Fee Example :

Power Broker 10 session license with EDI, eDocs, Digital Image Attachment and Rating integration.

Power Broker Base Support

$    650.00

10 Session license ( 10 * $ 35.00 )

$    350.00

EDI upload/download

$    500.00

Company Document management

$    100.00

Digital Image Attachment

$    100.00

Rating Intergration $     200.00



Low Annual Support Fee

$ 1, 900.00


  • To calculate fees for more or less licenses simply add/subtract $ 35.00 per license.

  • Our largest customer's licensed for 100 sessions pay an annual support fee of $ 5, 050.00 + tax.

  • To receive a no pressure, no obligation quote email:  sales@power-broker.com


       Note: Minimum annual support fee of $ 1, 000.00 + Tax may apply.



Power Broker Data Migration Services


Power Broker offers low cost, compreshensive data migration services typically performed in 1 business day ensuring a smooth transition with limited interruption to your business.

Migration services are offered for the following active systems:
           Agency Manager, SigXp, Broker Workstation and Deltek.

Migration services are also available for Legacy systems including:

Cim-Data, Redshaw, Insursoft, Signassure, Agena, TIM and many more.

Manual and custom program migration options available:

Numerous custom conversion have been performed over the years, each with it's own unique requirements. 



Power Broker is the Broker's Choice Because


Power Broker is a ‘complete’ customer and policy management system with a full accounting program operating in a user-friendly environment.

Power Broker is 100% Canadian owned and operated with on-site developers.

Power Broker is continuously enhanced based on input/suggestions from our valuable Power Broker users.

Power Broker has a solid customer base of 880 installations throughout Canada and the Caribbean.

Power Broker software has built-in French language support and French language support services are available.

Power Broker is priced low to allow an insurance agency of any size to take advantage of the most flexible product available on the market today.

Power Broker can provide accurate data conversions from most competitors’ packages.

Power Broker guarantees no-wait, immediate support from friendly and knowledgeable support technicians.

Power Broker will save you money by making your agency more efficient, giving you the power to succeed.


The Next Step

To recieve additional information about Power Broker contact our sales department! 

You have nothing to lose and potential money to save!


 Email: sales@power-broker.com