CLIENTDESK Consumer Self-Help Portal

The CLIENTDESK cloud based solution is built on three core modules: policyholder engagement, mobile self-serve and claims management.

Clientdesk helps brokerages digitize their client experience and internal operations using web and mobile technologies. For more information about the CLIENTDESK solution, you can schedule a product demonstration from the website link below:

The Power Broker integration module can be purchased by contacting Power Broker sales:


Phone: 1-877-774-9444

Getting Started:

Congratulations on getting started with your new Clientdesk integration. The next few steps should be relatively easy, but should you need assistance, please feel free to contact our Power Broker support team and we will be happy to assist.

Please contact Clientdesk first and they will assign you these unique identifiers:

  1. FTP Site Addresses
  2. FTP Folder
  3. FTP User Name
  4. FTP Password

Once you receive these details, please open Power Broker, go to Utilities – Define Your Company Information – Integrations 2 tab. In the spaces provided, please complete the fields required as shown below. The Core FTP program will be mentioned later, so please skip this part for now.

Core FTP Software:

Core FTP is a software that allows you to transmit data from Power Broker to a Clientdesk server. Please purchase and install Core FTP.

Core FTP can be purchased by credit card at this link and they only need to order the single user standard license for $24.95 US


Once installed, please open Power Broker, go to Utilities – Define Your Company Information – Integration tab, and browse using the small arrow located next to the CoreFTP path.

After installing your purchased version of CoreFTP to C:/CoreFTP folder and NOT to C:\ProgramFiles(X86), launch CoreFTP and type in your credentials.

Please note that when testing from CoreFTP, the Host/IP/URL should NOT include the /incoming part of the address. Once connected and everything works, type in the /incoming part to the Host path, close and continue with your configuration of Power Broker.



ERROR 1405 – Should you receive this error during the integration, change PROGRAM FILES TO PROGRA~1 in the picture shown above.
Exit Power Broker and please test again.
Should you still get an ERROR 1405, go to DOS prompt, on the root of the C: drive, type dir *.* /x
This will display the shortened path that you could supplement into the space provided.

Preliminary Testing:

Please follow these simple steps before you attempt to upload your entire book of business. Our main goal for you, the broker, to find a test customer that had an EDOC’s abeyance. You may find this by going to a customer abeyance screen, at the top centre, there is an “eDOC’s” tab that will narrow down your search.

Now that we have established you finding a customer that has an eDOCs abeyance, return to the main customer screen. On the top left of the customer screen, you will see a ClientDesk icon that will look like the image below (found under the Searches button). Follow the next few prompts. This procedure should launch CoreFTP and you should see it connect, then transfer the file to the right hand side of the CoreFTP program. You would then contact ClientDesk support, and ensure that they have indeed received the file.

Initial Synchronization:

NOTE: At the present time, Zycomp Systems is doing this part for you. At the moment, please do NOT touch this button, but contact our office first and confirm with our tech team what dates you would like to use.

EXCLUSIVE DATABASE WARNING – Please ensure that everyone is out of Power Broker when this is completed.

In the ‘Date Last Sent’ space provided, type in a synchronization date you would like to use to populate with. This date is really up to you and how far back you would like to go. Please take into consideration that you may want 2 years, 3 or 5 years depending on what your goal is.

Clientdesk Scheduler:

The ClientDesk Scheduler works with your Windows Task Scheduler that will do an automatic ‘send and receive’ to your ClientDesk interface.

In your Windows Task Scheduler, you would follow these next suggested settings in the link below:

Client Desk Consumer Portal Registration

Power Broker can now automatically process customers as they are newly registered on the Client Desk Consumer Access Portal. When a customer is registered on Client Desk that registration information is sent to Power Broker the next time the brokerage does either a Daily Sync or a Task Scheduler Sync. On the main customer screen, each customer that is newly registered on Client Desk will be given a ‘Y’ in the “Has an account on our Consumer Web Portal” prompt. In that same sync session the complete customer record, all the active policies, claims, edocs and other file attachments will be sent to Client Desk for each of these newly registered customers.

This happens all by itself, register a customer on Client Desk and it will “self-synchronize with Power Broker”.

For this to work, you will need to have completed the New Customers Registration Site Link as provided by Client Desk, in the Define Your Company Information screen. This link is provided by Client Desk.

Turning off Abeyance Entries for Client Desk in Power Broker

Users can ‘turn off’ the receiving of abeyances from Client Desk by clearing out the ‘Customer Abeyance HTTP Site Link:’ field on the Integrations 2 tab found in the Define Your Company Information screen. If the URL is not there, power broker will bypass the process.

NOTE: If users see XXX’s in the box shown below, please email the \bro\mqcomp.mem file to