New information has been provided indicating some brokerages have not received all company download from Friday, May 6th.

I have received information on the following:

Wawanesa has sent all info twice.
– Watch for duplicate transactions.  Use the <Check for Duplicates> in the Post/Delete Download Charges screen.  If you use Pathway, please let them know they may receive duplicates from you.

Dominion/Travelers – No Download was sent, only eDocs.
– Please contact them to send you your download from Friday, May 6 (exclude eDocs)

– All Download and eDocs have been resent without reported issue

– All Download and eDocs have been resent without reported issue

West Wawanesh
– Held off and will be sending all download again this evening.


**Please Note:  if you changed your CSIO Password last week, you will need to revert back to your old password in order to receive your download.  CSIO reverted to their old system so the new passwords issues last week will NOT WORK.  Please contact CSIO is you continue to have issues with your passwords.

If you are experiencing any other errors in Power Broker, please contact Support for assistance.


Power Broker Support Team



Update:  May 13, 2002    7am PST

Errors during the decompression of the download files is now being reported.

In reviewing the files, the data coming in is corrupted.

We recommend CSIO ‘clear’ their mailbox and have companies resend all data from last Friday.

We also recommend all Power Broker users run the EDI – Clear Out Download Databases and the Reset Electronic Documents functions before doing the Send and Receive function.

Monday will be a busy day with brokerages trying to download and catch up, so please be patient.


Power Broker Support Team



UPDATE:  MAY 12, 2022     1PM PST


CSIO has made the smart decision to revert back to their original configuration for EDI Download:


“CSIO: An update on the CSIOnet Modernization Project

To our valued broker members,

This email is to update you on the CSIOnet upgrade that took place on May 6.

We have experienced some performance issues with the upgrade that were not discovered during our robust testing, and have made the prudent decision to rollback our configuration as of 11:00am ET today (May 12). This will allow any backlogs to clear.

A follow up communication will be sent shortly, providing instructions on how to retrieve any missing downloads. We are working with your vendor and insurer partners.

Thank you for your patience while we address these issues.

The CSIO Help Desk Team”


In doing so, this new DNS Configuration may take anywhere from 24 to 72 Hours to populate and send download correctly.

We ask that you refrain from doing download until at least tomorrow morning and, keep in mind, that you may need to wait as late as Monday to receive your download.

There is no information regarding how to retrieve any missing data at this time, but we are hopeful that CSIO will have your Insurers resend all download from last Friday.

Please bear in mind that Brokerages across Canada will now be trying to download and you will experience some delays.



When processing your download, please use the <Check for Duplicate Transactions> in the EDI Post/Delete Download Transactions screen.  With all the error that have happened in the past few days, it is possible that duplications will be sent as information is brought current.  Running this option will check your transactions and mark any duplications as < D > to Delete before you proceed with verifying and posting the remaining transactions.
*Please contact Support if you have any questions regarding this step.


We thank you for your patience and want to remind you that our Support Team is available to you should you require assistance or if you have any further questions.



Power Broker Support Team


UPDATE:   May 12, 2022

Please do NOT do EDI at this time.

We are still receiving errors in our testing with CSIO and can confirm that data is being lost.

We will continue to try to work with CSIO to resolve their issue with their new modernization attempt and hope this will be resolved ASAP.

Updates will be provided as soon as any new information is available.


Power Broker Support Team





UPDATE: MAY 11, 2022

HTTP time out errors are continuing to occur and in some cases crashing Power Broker where files need to be replaced. This is also causing download to be lost.

Please cease EDI Download until this issue can be resolved by CSIO.

We will issue an eMail blast and update this website notice once CSIO has fixed the issue and we have been able to test and receive a complete download.

Power Broker Support Team


UPDATE: May 10, 2022 (evening)

CSIO will be processing another update this evening in hope this will fix the timeout issues being experiences by most Brokerages across Canada.

Please review their website for more details.

I will update our website once I know more tomorrow morning.

Power Broker Support Team


UPDATE: May 10, 2022

Our office did an ‘after hours’ test with CSIO and had a successful download.
This, of course, is late in the day and little to no traffic on the CSIO Site.

CSIO has admitted that this is an issue on their end and is attempting to fix it today.
Please be patient and try your download later in the day if you are still experiencing issues with HTTP 1400 or HTTP 12002 time out errors.
*For questions regarding ‘lost’ or ‘missing’ download, please contact your Insurers to resent the data.

Power Broker Support Team


Update: CSIO has been requesting that Users ‘reset’ their CSIO password with a 10-43 digit password
PLEASE NOTE: Power Broker will only accept a MAX 32-digit password.

CSIO is continuing to investigate and we ask you to please have patience and hold off doing your EDI download until we have good news regarding any changes being made.

Power Broker Support Team


CSIO implemented their new ‘high speed’ environment this weekend and, unfortunately, there are issues being reported this morning.

Power Broker has been in contact with CSIO and they are working at their end to try to determine the cause.

Power Broker recommends that you do NOT do download today and allow time for the issues to be resolved.


Thank you,


Power Broker Support Team