Power Broker has made significant improvements to the quality and options available for the new Guidewire interface with GORE XML download:

Please follow the steps below to update your system:


1.Use the following link to visit our website to download and install the new Version 4.52.49.

2. Define Your Company Information – EDI tab – ‘Assign to New Market’ or “Change Policy Number’:

Power Broker will now utilize the Reason for Transfer Code in the XML download and recognize the prior policy number and reason for transfer and ‘match’ the renewal and either ‘Assign to New Market’ (by creating a new policy screen and completing prior policy history information), or ‘Change Policy Number’ (first ‘archiving’ the original policy screen image and the updating the policy to the new policy number) based on the answer provided to this question.

The above options are based on your preference for updating your customer files


3. If the Brokerage indicates a YES to Update Convictions on Download, Power Broker will delete all existing convictions and then re-add when matching on policy number.


4. A special claims merging option has been developed to only add ‘new claims’ if a claim with a new unique Date of Loss is encountered. All other claims sent in the XML download will be ignored (no overwriting of any existing claims information is done).

Please Note:  your accounting transactions will update as per normal and no further action is required on your part.


Please contact Power Broker Support should you require assistance with updating.

For specific questions regarding your GORE download, please contact Gore Representative, Mark Young =