The Power Broker version 4.50.11 update is now available to all brokerages who have not yet installed it.  If you are interested in receiving this update, eMAIL and we will forward the link for you to obtain the update and attach the installation help guide.

We will be limiting the number of recipients of the update to about 50 to 75 per week, so it may be a few weeks until you receive your update link depending on where your brokerage will be in the queue.  We will be processing requests on a first come / first serve basis.  This is a larger update as it involves replacing the MasterCom software, so it does put a burden on our support staff and this is the reason we are having to dole out the updates on an individual brokerage basis.  By limiting the number of updates per week, we will be better able to provide individualized support as needed.

If you choose not to proceed with this update, we will be resuming with Web Based updates when we release version 4.51.  We cannot say for sure when version 4.51 will be released, but it will be several months from now.



If you receive policy downloads from Groupe Commerce or Travelers Insurance, please download patch 4.50.11.

Please Note – This patch includes the following enhancements/fixes:

If you are on Version 4.50.9, please scroll to the bottom of this page for the link to the patch.


If you are on Versions 4.50.1 – 4.50.8, please read entire message below:

If you have updated to version 4.50 and your brokerage does CSIO Policy download then you must follow the steps listed below.  We have had an error surrounding the use of a program named <AL3decompress.exe>.  This program is used to decompress the AL3 policy download, after it is received from CSIONet and as it is being written into the \bro\csiodown folder.


Download and run the <setup.exe> patch found below these steps.  This launches a wizard install and will walk you through installing to your Bro folder.


Contact each of the Insurance Companies that you receive download from and ask them to resend you all the ‘EDI’ messages from the date you commence with version 4.50 until today.  Please note they do not need to resend the eDOCs, just the ‘EDI’ messages, and also note that you do not need to contact Economical / Economical Select / Missisquoi as this issue did not affect their policy downloads.


Each day for the next three or four weeks, after completing the Merge Automobile and Merge Habitational Daily Download, when you go into ‘Post or Delete Download Charges’ to generate the accounting transactions, first press the new <Check for Duplicate Transactions> button.

Accounting transactions that had already been previously posted, will have a ‘D’ in the Post / Delete column, click the <Delete> button to remove them.  Once deleted, the transactions remaining are the new ones from today, or ones that were not picked up in a previous day download, but have now been resent by the Insurance Company.  These remaining transactions will need to go through your normal workflow processes for Renewal, New, Endorsement, and Cancellation.


Use the “Merge Unmatched eDOCs to Customers” option to associate all of the eDOCs that were downloaded to New Business policies that could not be matched on the day they downloaded, because the New Business policy did not come into your database because of the “AL3Decompress.EXE” error.  This can be done slowly over time and do not start on this for at least 7 to 10 days, to allow all of those missing policies to come in from the Insurance Companies retransmissions first.


The Merging of the Policies a second time will go quickly as the policy number will already be on your system.

Brokerages that do not have the system create the accounting transactions as part of the downloading processing, will need to print the listing of the policies received on download each day, for Automobile and for Habitational, and with a highlighter go through the list and mark off the policies that have been transacted in the past 2 weeks, so that you do not transaction them again.


Please select the link below to download and install the patch for version 4.50:

(Please Note:  this is NOT an ‘Update’ … just a ‘Patch’ )

If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the support area @ 778-433-2477


Your Power Broker Support Team