There are new and exciting changes in the Power Broker update …

Mastercom is now incorporated into the Power Broker program!

The Send and Receive process within Power Broker does not change, however there are some initial setup that is required before you can proceed with your first EDI Download in Version 4.50.11.


Power Broker V4.51


Enhancements (November 20, 2020)

 Power Broker CSIO Upload

CSIO Upload for Edge Mutual (PMM) has now been incorporated into Power Broker Version 4.51

Select the <Upload> button from the left-hand margin of the policy screen and select <5. Edge Mutual> This procedure creates an upload transaction file for the current selected policy.  The policy is validated for completement and accuracy of information before it is submitted to the upload batch.  If any problems are found, they are reported in a report that you may print.  The policy will not be uploaded, rather you must correct the errors and then click on the <Upload> button to attempt to send the policy again.  Once all information is correct, you will be prompted to verify the contract number.  Once you accept, you will receive a <Policy Upload File Sent> message indicating “HTTP Getlink Result Code 200” success message.  Hit OK and you are launched to the Edge Mutual Portal.

         (Peach Hills CML Upload currently NOT available.)



 Abeyance Document\Diary Detail Report

 Abeyance/Documents Summary by User

 Print Account Current Detail Report New Sort Option – <by Contract Number>

 Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts Batch

Print Receivables by Insurer

NOTE:   this report is an approximation as Customers may have policies with different Insurers.  For the purpose of this report, the customer is placed with the Insurer that their most recent policy transaction was with.  If your brokerage truly does accounts receivable at the policy level, there is the Print Receivables by Insurer (Bahamas) available to you.

 Additional Text Screen

 Applied Integration – <Retrieve Saved Quote> from Policy Screen

        ReIssue/ReWrite = Y/N

        New Business = Y/N

        Binder = Y/N

 Print Binder Policy by Producer

 Browse Archived Customers


Commercial Policy Screens

 CSIO eDelivery of eDocs

Customers who are to receive eDocs by CSIO eDelivery need to be identified on the Customer Screen

This allows you to specify which email(s) recipients receive the electronic eDocs

Merge Daily Electronic Documents (CSIO eDelivery options):

(S) Stop – the eDelivery icon will light up and allow the user to send.  A success message will be       displayed prior to the user being able to click on <Move to Next Record>

(O) Roll continuous using default values and send all policies by MS Outlook / CSIO EDelivery

(D) Roll continuous using default values and send only direct bill policies by MS Outlook / CSIO EDelivery 

Line of Business Table

Note:  Brokerages will need to have CSIO My Proof of Insurance / CSIO E-Delivery added to their Power Broker Licensing Key File.


Customer Screen

Automatic ‘tagging’ for MS Outlook and eDelivery for eDocs and Invoicing is available

Exclusive use is required for these ‘tagging’ functions.

The arrow next to the Invoices question will allow you to mark this question as Y/C/N based on your options:  <all customers>  <personal lines only> < commercial lines only> <unmark all prior taggings>

 Define Your Company Information – Abeyance Tab2 – New Question:

 Define Your Company Information – Accounting Tab – New Question:

 Define Your Company Integration – Company Info tab: New Question

Brokerages operating Multi-Branch or WAN who limit Users to Branch Codes, and experience ‘slowness’ in returning to their Home Page, should say YES to this question.  This eliminates the rebuilding of the indexes when returning each time to the home screen.  If a new customer or policy is entered for that branch, that customer and/or policy record will not appear in the Users home page view of the Customer and/or Policy Database until the next time they sign into Power Broker. However, the customer is present in the Customer Screen database view under Customers – Customers & Prospects and the policy is present in the Policies filtered databases (Auto/Habl/Comm, etc).

Define Your Company Integration – EDI Tab – 2 Updated Questions:

 Define Your Company Integration – GL Account Info – Miscellaneous Tab – New Question:

 Define Your Company – Integration Tab 3

  EDI – Create 5DSP File for Initial Download

 EDI – Merge Auto/Habitational/Commercial Policies

 EDI – Merge Daily Electronic Documents –


 EDI – Post/Delete Download Charges

                                CSR + Policy Number

                                Marked for Deletion + Line of Business

                                Producer Code + Policy Number

 End of Day Processing – Exclusive Use no longer required

 Enter Payables Batch – New Button:

 Habitational Policies

 Invoicing – Reports – New Report

 MSOutlook Integration  – Customer/Policy screen

 Notes – Priority setting

Pathway Integration

 Policies New Search Option

 Power Broker to Power Quote Habitational Integration

 Producer Table

 Print Renewal List(s)

 Task Scheduler

 User Preferences

 Utility Options

 Wholesale (Custom Programming for PAL)

 Word Integration

Policy Commission Amount  (P_COMM_AMT)

Producer#1 Commission Percentage  (P_COMM1)

Producer#2 Commission Percentage  (P_COMM2)



Please select this link for these important Version 4.51 setup instructions:

Instruction for applying an update

Version 4.50 Setup Instructions

Region Group Policy Management Settings


Once you have downloaded and read the Setup Instructions, please complete your download request form.

Select <Download Upgrade> to complete request form.

Once this Contact page has been completed, you will be directed to the update file.


**Please Note: If after completing the Contract Form the download does not start, AND if you are using Google Chrome,

please ‘right-click’ over the download area and select <open link in new tab> to download this file


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