There are new and exciting changes in the Power Broker update …

Mastercom is now incorporated into the Power Broker program!

The Send and Receive process within Power Broker does not change, however there are some initial setup that is required before you can proceed with your first EDI Download in Version 4.50.11.


Further Enhancements to the 4.50 Update:

Elimination of the Mastercom Software:
– Mastercom functions are now incorporated into the Power Broker program.
– The Send and Receive process within Power Broker does not change. With the new EDI function being implemented, there is a new section in Utilities – Define Your Company Information – Integration 5 – CSIONet Parameters needs to be completed. The “Sign in URL” pathway will be completed for you. You will need to indicated your CSIO USER ID, Password and CSIO Mailbox in this area.

– CSIO Insurance Companies Table will require you to now add the CSIONet ID for each company.

– Question: Does this company send multiple eDoc attachments within one activity note (Y/N) has been removed.

New Question – Define Your Company Information – Tab 5 – EDI CSIONet Parameters – new question:
– “Number of additional seconds to wait between decompressing policy files that have been
downloaded”. Default is set to <0> which equals 5 seconds. Currently the system waits 5 seconds between issuing decompression commands, but we are finding that on some slow or busy networks 5 seconds is not enough. This question allows you to add more seconds on top of the standard 5 seconds between decompressions, so that AL3decompress.exe never fails because it is being run again before the previous decompression is completed.

Define Your Company Information – Abeyance 2 Tab – new question:
– “Have Moving the Mouse Over the Abeyance Date Column Heading Change the Sort Order
(Y/N). Default is set to NO.

Print or Email Abeyance/Document Diary Detail Report:
– Export to Excel option has been modified and will export with errors.

EDI – Post or Delete Download Charges – New Button:
– <Check for Duplicate Transactions> – verifies download transactions based on Policy Number +
Effective Date + Premium Amount. If any duplicate transactions are detected, Power Broker will mark with a D in the Post/Delete Column. Select the <DELETE> button to remove these duplicates.

EDI – Merge Unattached eDocs to Customers:
– New <Print to PDF> button has been added. This will print a list of the unmatched eDocs to be
attached to a PDF document.
– There is now a new text box at the bottom right side of the screen and will display the filename
of the unattached eDoc currently being saved. This will be useful when merging the unmatched eDoc as the policy number is contained in the filename. You can copy the policy number from the new text box, then paste it into the policy number field that is show when you select the <attach> button.

Additional Named Insured’s:
– This screen will now populate at the Policy level as well as the existing Customer level.

Auto Application:
– Newfoundland Auto Application has been revised to update with the latest fields for CSIO upload and download and also with Applied Rating Integration (please be sure to have the latest Applied update installed).

Auto Coverage Screen:
– Newfoundland Auto Coverage Screen has been updated to include many new data fields and will now move the data from a completed application to fill the coverage screen fields.

Auto Fleet Schedule:
– Newfoundland Auto Fleet Schedule has been updated and the data will pull in to the Newfoundland Auto Application and also Print Fleet Schedule.

Codes in Use function has been enhanced:
– You will now see a blue “Preparing List of matching entries ……….” While you wait.

Define Your Company Information – Abeyance Options 2 tab – new question:
– “Have Abeyance Detail Report default to showing detail notes (Y/N)” will default to NO.

Define Your Company Information – Company Info tab – Task Scheduler:
– “User ID of person administering the Task Scheduler when launched outside of Power Broker”
This question needs to be completed or you will receive an error when running End of Day from the Task Scheduler when initiated from outside of Power Broker.

Define Your Company Information – Integration Tab 5 – CSIO My Proof of Insurance/eDelivery:
– New Question: Reason eSlip is being issued (Policy CSIO Code Table drop down menu available)
You may now specify the default value of why the eSlip is being issued and this value, if filled, will carry into the eSlip screen preventing you from having to enter this every time. Put the majority reason code if here (ie. REN for Renewal) and then you will need to change it to NEW or PCH when required.

Direct Bill download information has been expanded:
– Direct Bill Payment Plan Information will now populate these fields on download: Next Withdrawal Amount and Date, and Second Withdrawal Amount and Date, and Number of Months Between Payments.

EDI – Merge Daily Electronic Documents:
– Users can now filter on All Policies, Personal Lines only or Commercial Lines only (template 3, 6 or 9).

eDocs – Wawanesa (Farm eDocs – Guidewire):
– The system automatically changes the policy number to the new policy number and attaches the eDoc, based on the conditions set out by Wawanesa download. Provided the existing policy number is present in your database, you will see a screen come up and flash by as you are merging the daily eDocs.

Habitational Lienholder Name and Address:
– Habitational Lienholder Name and Address fields have increased 40 characters wide each to 59 characters wide each. This was done on the Habitational Policies Screen, Commercial Business Policy screen and the Farm Policy Screen. It also impacts the Habitational Policy Change Forms that involve Lienholder Name and Address. It also exports up to 59 characters to a variety of integrations including MW Word integration, Pathway, Client Desk, Forms Generator, and CSIO Policy Upload.

Print Cash Disbursement Journals:
– The Print Cash Disbursement Journals report can now be filtered to include All Cheques, Payroll Cheques or Non-Payroll Cheques only.

Print Production Summary Report – new Question:
– “Include Negative Premiums in New and Renewal calculations ( Y / N )” with the default being YES. Change this answer to NO if you would like to include negative premiums.

Subscription Policy List:
– The Subscription Policy List can now be filtered three ways – policy number, policy holder name or renewal date. Report can now also be Exported to Excel.

Word Integration:
– Three New Word Merge Fields added that will perform the following calculations:
Policy Premium + Policy Fee + Tax (PPR_FREE)
Policy Premium + Policy Fee + Tax/divided by 3 (PPR_3FEE)
Policy Premium + Tax (PPR_TAX)
PLEASE NOTE: For this to work, the Premium Amount, Policy Fee and Tax Percentage must be filled out on the main policy screen.


Please select this link for these important Version 4.50 setup instructions:

Instruction for applying an update

Version 4.50 Setup Instructions

Region Group Policy Management Settings


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