Power Broker Version 5.02.06


If you are updating from a Version 4 copy of Power Broker contact SUPPORT before proceeding:

If you have a LOGO and/or use the Signature feature and are using Version 4, please contact Support as there are file changes that will need to be completed BEFORE  you do this update.

If you DO NOT have a LOGO and/or use the Signature feature, you can run this update as per normal BUT you will need to run <workstation> for ALL COMPUTERS.



Power-Broker Version 5 Update


Before starting, have you performed a complete backup? You will want to run this backup immediately before performing the update to have the most up to date information (to avoid losing any recent changes a staff member may have made).

Prior to backing up, we would strongly recommend and running #2 – #6 through powertools to ensure that you will have a clean backup. Ensure that there are no users currently logged in Power Broker by using the ‘list users logged in’ feature in powertools. If you see anyone logged in, ask them to log off. Next select all the items in powertools, except for #1.

Select ‘Run Selected Items’ and wait for the steps to finish running.

To begin the backup, you will need to determine which drive letter your powerbroker is located on (Example: P:\Bro would indicate that \Bro is located on your P drive. An easy way to do this would be to right-click on your power-broker icon on your desktop, select properties, and left -click on the shortcut tab. You should see the drive path under the ‘target’. Make note of this, as you will need this location later.

*Note* If you do not see a path that looks like the one below, please call our tech support line.

Next you will need to open your File Explorer and select the respective drive letter. You will need to double click into the bro folder and press (Control+A) to select all items in this directory.

You may deselect all outlook, help and word 97 folders by holding the control key and single left-clicking the outlook(s), help and word 97 folders. You should have all folder/files highlighted except for the outlook, help and word 97 folders (this will substantially reduce the time for your backup). From here right-click, scroll over ‘7-zip’, and select “add to archive”. You will want to locate this to the root of the drive (outside of the bro folder).

This compressed .zip file will be a huge asset when restoring information if something goes wrong. We cannot stress how important this backup is. Only proceed when you are confident that a backup has been completed.


Preparing for the update

Before proceeding with the update, you will want to confirm that everyone is out of powerbroker. You can view user logged in through powertools by clicking the ‘List Users Logged In’ button.

(List Users Logged In- Note that is should read Current Power Broker User SignOns = 0)

If you see any users here with a ‘Y’, ask them to log off. When you are sure that there are no users logged in, you should lock powerbroker by using the ‘Lock PB4 for Maintenance’ button in powertools. This will prevent anyone accidentally logging in during the update and is highly recommended.


Verify the following in Utilities – Define Your Company Information

If you do NOT use Branch Codes and have only ONE CORPORATE LOGO, please make sure your Multi-Branch Settings mirror the below highlighted questions:

If you DO use Branch Codes and have only ONE CORPORATE LOGO, please make sure your Multi-Branch Settings mirror the below highlighted questions:

If you DO use Branch Codes and have BRANCH LOGOs, please mirror the below highlighted questions:



Sign into your FTP folder on the Power Broker FTP Site.  You should have received an eMail from Support with your FTP folder User ID and Password.  

Save the Image files and/or your Branch files to your BRO folder and say YES to overwrite the existing files.  

Save any Logoscan.jpg or branchnamed.jpg or signature.jpg files to your BRO\BMPS folder and say YES to overwrite the existing files.



You are now ready to apply your Version 5 Update:

Updating Power Broker

After you have downloaded the update.exe, you can now run the program. You will see a blue screen with the Power Broker Server Update installing in the middle.

Select next and a new window will appear.

Here you will need to click Browse and select the drive letter and the bro folder within that drive. (Refer to the note you made earlier about the drive letter where bro is located)

You will need to select next and wait until the update is complete. Give yourself sufficient time for this update as it could take a while depending how large your brokerage may be.

After completion, the window will automatically close. Launch Power Broker to complete the update.  You should see another loading bar. This is converting the tables from the old power broker version to the new one. Wait until this is complete.

The update should now be complete.

After the Update

AT this time, you will want to run <workstation> on ALL COMPUTER STATIONS.

It is best to run this from the BRO folder, right-click and select <run as Administrator>

*Please NOTE:  some brokerages will not have permission to do this and may need their IT Administrator to run this for you.


After this completes, you can check to see if the update was successful. You can do this by opening powertools once again and selecting ‘Utility Log’. You should see the most recent entry showing PB Update with the date and time that you run the update. At this point you should see both the ‘PB Update Start’ and the ‘PB Update Finish’.If you see these both, the update was successful.

You will still need to select ‘Unlock PB4 for full access’ from within powertools. This will allow other users to log back into Power-Broker. You can close powertools after this.

Next, log into power broker and at the top of your power-broker screen, you should see your new updated version.

At this time, we would encourage you to review the Enhancements Listings for this new release.


NOTE:  if you send signatures to us in May, these will be saved/identified for you by Support.

If you use Signatures in Power Broker, you will now notice pathways incorporated in the User ID, Producer and CSR Tables.   You will need to import your signatures again as JPG files and save them to your BRO/BMPS folder.  Once saved, you would indicate the file location in the appropriate Table.

For example:

If you use User ID signatures:

If you use Producer signatures:

If you use CSR signatures:

If you use Logo scans, Corporate or Branch Level Logos, Please follow the earlier instructions to save these files.

If you are unable to complete your update, or need any further assistance, feel free to call our support line at 778-433-2477 or email us at techsupport@power-broker.com


Please select this link for these important Version 4.52 setup instructions:

Instruction for applying an update


Region Group Policy Management Settings


Once you have downloaded and read the Setup Instructions, please complete your download request form.

Once this Contact form has been completed, you will be provided a link to the update file.

**Please Note: After completing the Contact Form, please ‘right-click’ the download link and select <Save Link As> to download this file to a saved location.

Download Update Here

If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the support area @ 778-433-2477

Your Power Broker Support Team