Signature Pad Software – sigplus.exe

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The Signature Pad Integration with Power Broker 4 enables the broker to hand the pen over to the customer, allowing the client to sign on the dotted line, and anchoring the signature to the application/form, and then storing it in the clients Power Broker abeyances section. With the signature pad installed you are also able to store signatures for each Producer and CSR by using the Capture Signature button in the respective tables. These signatures can then be pulled into CSIO applications and forms with buttons – Producer Signature and CSR Signature. The signature will be pulled based on the producer or CSR recorded on the customer screen for this customer.

For this integration to work, you would need:

1) The Power Broker Scanning/Digital Camera option

Contact – and request an invoice for the Scanning/Digital Camera option
Cost – $500.00 plus Tax

NOTE: ( To check and see if you already have the Scanning/Digital Camera option, you would first go to the main Power Broker desktop, and just above ‘General Ledger’ you would see a ‘Help’ option. Click Help, and then ‘About Power Broker 4’ and if you already have an ‘Enabled’ located next to Scanning/Digital, then you do NOT need to send an email to purchase it, as you already have this feature.)

2) You would need to purchase the TOPAZ T-S460-HSB-R TOPAZ SIG LITE SIG CAPT 1×5 USB (HID) [T-S460-HSB-R]

NOTE: ( It specifically needs to be this exact same make and model for the integration to work)

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Quantity 1 – PRICE – $129.99


When you click on the Capture Signature button you will see the Form that displays the captured signature.

The client would use the sign their signatures on the Signature pad.

If the signature is clear, then the ‘write to Power Broker’ button is pressed.

The signature would then be attached to the application or Form that was being generated.

Click here to download the install file
July 8/2016

Sample Install:

Do NOT connect the Signature Hardware Device to your computer until you have completed the install.










Now that you have completed the install, please connect your Signature Hardware Device to your PC.

Customer Signature to Policy Application example:








Setting up for Users, Producers, and CSR’s:








You can also import a signature file that is already saved on your computer, given that it is the right file type (.bmp) and correct size (500 px X 100 px).







Word Integrations for Signature:



If you are NOT using a terminal server setup, then please ignore: