Please be aware that Windows 11 no longer supports OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) and therefore ‘breaks’ the link to import any Logo Scans to your Invoice, Cash Receipt and Statements, and also import of Topaz Signatures to Applications and Forms.

We therefore DO NOT SUPPORT updating to Windows 11

If you do have a Logo Scan and/or use the Topaz Signature option, and if you have already updated to Windows 11, our recommendation would be to try to revert back to Windows 10 if possible.   If you are unable to do so, you will need to contact our Support Team for assistance in editing your Define Your Company Information with regards to pulling in Letterhead (Brokerage Name and Address info) instead of a Logo Scan.  Signatures will no longer work.

Power Broker Development is reviewing the situation with the Windows 11 clipboard changes and aggressively looking for an alternative.  We will keep you posted through website updates.

Please contact our Support Team should you have any questions.

Support Line:   1.778.433.2477