Windows Task Scheduler Kill Brow Scheduling

 VERY IMPORTANT: All Users should understand that there is a maintenance time during the evening where All Users should log out of Power Broker before and during the scheduled maintenance time.


The example below is assuming you are running PBTask.exe to run some of your nightly features.

In my example, the PBTASK.CMD will take 1 hour, the PATHWAY.CMD task will take 1 hour, and the KILLBROW.CMD will only take 10 seconds.

The kill brow command closes on a system level the file <brow.exe> should someone be left in the software looks like this :    taskkill /IM brow.exe /F

You can see what I’m talking about if you do a search for computer management, and then shared folders and then open files.

The way I would schedule this would look like this:


1AM do a KILLBROW.CMD in Windows Task Scheduler


Inside of Power Broker, the PBTASK events like Pack Active, Pack Archive, Fix Corrupted, and End of Day Processing would all be set for 1:10AM

1:05AM do a PBTASK.CMD in Windows Explorer.

2:30AM do another KILLBROW.CMD in Windows Task Scheduler

2:35AM do a PATHWAYTASK.cmd in Windows Task Scheduler

4AM do another KILLBROW.CMD that would close any files left over.


The Tech Support document on our page explains the Windows Task Scheduler portion:


On your Server, you would make a folder called C:\TaskScheduler

Inside you will have three .cmd files:





The killbrow.cmd will have this:
taskkill /IM brow.exe /F


The Pbtask.cmd will have this but with your own mapped drives and server/share names:
net use Q: \\Zyserv9\dataq /persistent:no
cd bro
The Pathwaytask.cmd will have this but with your own mapped drives and server/share names:

net use Q: \\Zyserv9\dataq /persistent:no
cd bro


Your Windows Task Scheduler will have 5 tasks:








If you have any questions regarding the information above, please contact: