About Power Broker

Delivering real world innovation to general insurance since 1992

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our mission our vision our purpose

Founded in 1987, Zycomp Systems Limited has always aimed to develop modern and cost-effective software solutions for the general insurance industry in Canada. Our early products included an Insurance Adjuster System, a Claims Management System and a Risk Management System.

In 1992, we identified the need for a comprehensive insurance broker management solution in the market and created Power Broker. Since 1992, Power Broker has been helping brokers manage their businesses and increase operational efficiency, providing expertise and support.

Today, we provide flexible solutions to over 800 brokerages in Canada and throughout the Caribbean, delivering the quality service our clients expect. We are always committed to enhancing our offer and our continuous growth is a testament to the confidence our clients place in us.

Our community is our track record

They say you’re only as good as your last job. We agree which is why we believe the best way to provide insight into the way we work is to turn to our existing clients.

In fact, our community approach to the Power Broker experience means that our users are constantly helping us develop and enhance the Power Broker experience. So, take a look at what you can expect when you join the Power Broker community.

Key dates in our history

Jan 1992

Power Broker was founded

Jan 1993

First users go live on Power Broker

Jun 1995
Oct 1996
Feb 1997
Feb 2006

Power Broker version 4 released

Jul 2007

BrovadaOne Insurance company portal integration completed

Oct 2008

MS Office integration overhauled

Mar 2011

CSIO eDoc compliance completed

Apr 2015

ClientDesk consumer portal integration completed

May 2017

Pathway email marketing and consumer portal integration completed

Feb 2018

CSIO My Proof of Insurance e-Delivery certified

May 2019

Power Broker is acquired by Acturis Group