Agency Revolution provides marketing automation or Insurance Agents & Brokers via the creation of automated marketing campaigns. With Agency Revolution you can automatically launch campaigns for the right people at the right time.

For more information about the Agency Revolution solution please contact Agency Revolution sales:
Phone: 1-888-208-9239

The Power Broker integration module can be purchased by contacting Power Broker sales:
Phone: 1-877-774-9444

Getting Started:

Congratulations on getting started with your new Agency Revolution Integration. The next few steps should be relatively easy, but should you need assistance, please feel free to contact our Power Broker support team and we will be happy to assist.

Please contact Agency Revolution first and they will assign you these unique identifiers:
1) Customer key file code
2) Security Key

Once you have this information, please open Power Broker and go to Utilities – Define Your Company Information – and Integrations 3 tab. In the spaces provided, please complete the fields required as the example shown below.

Testing a Single Customer:

Check to see if your transmission is working successfully by testing on one customer. Go to the customer screen, and click on the Agency Revolution tab at the top left of the screen. It will then prompt you to confirm the customer file that you are sending, click ‘Send File’.

To check if the client file has been transmitted to Agency Revolution, please browse to the file explorer and check the time stamp of the most recent XML file.

Then, go under the EDI tab, click on Transmit Customers to Agency Revolution. You will want to sync back to the last time your data was initially synced.

Agency Revolution Scheduler:

The Agency Revolution scheduler works with your Windows Task Scheduler that will do an automatic ‘send and receive’ to your Agency Revolution interface. While you are able to individually send the client file from the customer screen, by doing it through the Task Scheduler it will transmit the customer files all at once up to multiple times a day.

Click this link below to review the setup: