Setting up a new computer to use PB4

One of the first things you would need to do is go to a computer in the office that is already using Power Broker 4.

Place your mouse over the Power Broker icon, right click, and select Properties. On the properties tab, choose ‘Shortcut’. On the Shortcut tab, make note of the target line. In this example, we will use the letter P:\.

Close this window and return to the new computer. In Windows Explorer, go to Network, and select your Domain/Workgroup, your server, and look for the shared folder that contains \BRO. Right click on the shared folder, and choose ‘ Map Network Drive’. Use the drive letter that you wrote down. In this case our example uses P:\. Ensure that you have a check mark in the ‘Reconnect at sign-in”.

Now that you have a mapped drive, go to the P:\ drive and then \BRO and look for a file called BROW.EXE. Right click on this file and choose ‘ Send To Desktop, Create new Shortcut’. With your mouse, go all the way down to the list to find WORKSTATION.EXE. Double click this file and step through the installation.

Minimize Windows Explorer, and look for an item on your desktop called Shortcut to BROW.exe. Right click over this icon and choose ‘Rename’ and call it Power Broker 4. Click off of the icon to save the changes.

You would now double click on the Power Broker icon and type in the password of the user that’s going to be sitting at this desk. Once logged in, go to Tables, User Preferences and browse to all of the office software, and answer the existing questions.

Exit Power Broker, log back in and please test.

If you have any other questions about this, please contact our technical support team.