BASIC EDI Check List – Initial Setup – Cheat Sheet

When setting up EDI for the first time, it can be very tricky to know what to do and in what order.
This Cheat Sheet is designed as a basic ‘to do’ list. If you need further clarification, please contact tech support by phone or email.

1) The first thing you will want to do with setting up Daily Downloads on your system is to contact CSIO and have them give you the following information:

You can contact them at:

2) Compare the policy number format from your Power Broker system to the companies you plan on doing EDI with. Contact them by phone, or have a look at some of the documentation you have with some of your customer policy numbers to use as a guideline. If your policy numbers have spaces or symbols or the format doesn’t match, you would need to change the structure, policy by policy to match what the insurer has.

3) Your next step is in Power Broker, go to EDI and use the ‘Create 5DSP File’ option to ‘give’ the insurer your customer codes by doing this process. The 5DSP file contains your ‘Power Broker Customer Codes’ so this part is very important if you are starting out with a large number of customers.

4) When you email the companies your 5DSP files, request an Initial Download. Mention that you are using Power Broker and they will send it to an Initial Download staff member at Power Broker Technical Support.

5) The Power Broker Technical Support staff member will put the Initial Downloads into a ‘Friendly’ Power Broker format, and will email you the files with a set of instructions.

6) Once you receive the Initial Downloads for the first company, you will need to ensure that you read over the instructions, ensure that you are on the latest version of Power Broker, that no one will open Power Broker while doing your Initial Download, and that you give yourself a few hours to process the first Initial Download until you get the idea of what you’re doing.

7) Once all of your Initial Downloads have been installed, you would then install Mastercom.
Please click link below and follow the “New Installation” guide for detailed instructions on setting it up.

Mastercom is like a Taxi Software, that rides on the CSIO VPN Connection highway that gathers your data at a localized mailbox, and retrieves it back to Power Broker. Mastercom is the software you would have purchased from Power Broker Sales, and it’s used to do three things once the data is received by Power Broker:

A) Changes your Customer and Policy Screens: A member of your staff would do a Daily Download in the morning, when everyone it out of Power Broker and it would update your Customer and Policy screens based on any changes made at the Insurance Company level

B) Creates an Accounting Transaction (Optional): It can generate Agency and Direct Bill Transactions with your assistance and review

C) EDOCS (Insurance Company Document Management Module): If you have purchased the EDOCS ( Insurance Company Document Management Module) , it can download .PDF files of the Certificate of the policy to each policy in the download.

Click here for the EDI Cheat Sheet on what the daily steps are to performing a Daily Download

Updated January 18/2016