First Time EDI SETUP

 What to verify:

Verify DATE and REGION are correct: (found in Control Panel – Region)

Utilities – Define Your Company Information – Integration Tab 5:

To find your Mastercom Settings-Main information:

1 – go to START – All Programs – Mastercom Broker EDIPCEmail Engine – Settings Main

2 – browse to your mapped drive where Power Broker is stored – select the EMAIL folder – then the EXE folder – then look for Settings-Main

Insurance Company Table:

CSIO Insurance Company Table:


The procedural steps for EDI have not changed, however there are some screens and messages that will appear differently.

Send & Receive Email / Policies / Edocs:

There is a new button, next to the <PROCEED> button, 

Selecting this button allow you to view what is sitting in your CSIONet Mail Box waiting to be brought in and processed.

You will first receive a CSIONet response box.  This is a <SUCCESS> message and should not be confused with an error message.  Click <OK>

Once you click <OK>, you are brought to a list of items in your CSIONet Mail Box awaiting Pickup:

This confirms that there are Policies and/or EDocs in your CSIO Mailbox waiting to be downloaded to your brokerage.

You would now continue with the Send & Receive <proceed> button to pull in your daily download.


Reformat Lastest CSIO Download:

When running the Reformat function, you may see confirmation of the <al3decompress> format being processed for each Insurer.  Click the <OK> button to continue, or just wait and the function will continue on its own after a few seconds.  NOTE: this process may take some time to complete.

Once the Reformat function has completed, you will receive a message that should indicate <Success>.

This is not an error message, but confirmation of a successful reformat.  If you receive any other message, please contact PB Support for assistance.

You will then be brought to an Incoming Download Messages screen.  These are confirmation messages and do not necessarily need to be viewed/saved daily.  There is no need to clear this screen as it will be done automatically for you the next time the Reformat function is run.  Just close the screen to carry on.


Continue with your Merge Auto, Habitational and Commercial (if applicable).

There are no changes to these screens or procedures.


Merge Daily Electronical Documents:

There has been one change to this screen, which now allows you to filter and process for just Personal Lines or Commercial Lines Edocs only.  Or, you can leave as the default of ‘all policies’

Merge Unattached EDocs to Customers:

You are now able to <Print to PDF> the Unattached EDocs listing by selecting the button at the top right of the screen.

There is also a new text box can now be seen in the bottom right-hand side of the screen displaying the filename of the EDoc highlighted in the listing.

This will be useful when merging unmatched eDocs as the policy number is contained in the filename.

You can copy the policy number from the new text box, select <attach selected image> then paste it into the policy number field in the Attach information box.

Post or Delete Download Charges:

There is a new button in this screen:

The <Check for Duplicate Transactions> function will check each listed transaction against the posted policy transactions in your system to determine if there are duplications.  Duplications can happen if the policy is downloaded more than once.  This ‘check’ is based on same policy number, effective date and premium amount indicated.  Duplicates will be marked with a <D> in the Post/Delete Column which will then allow the user to delete these duplicated transactions before moving forward with verifying and posting the remaining download transactions for the day.

Review CSIONet Log Database: (replaces the Review EDI Log Database)

 This Log lists all Email, Download Policy, Edocs and Responses sent by the Insurance Companies.  It is saved daily and allows you to verify receipt of download should there be any descrepencies.