Flexible Software Solutions for Brokers


Full-cycle Broker Management Solution

Gain end-to-end control of your clients in a user-friendly platform with Customer Relationship Management capabilities, policy and claims management, accounting, reporting and Microsoft Office integration as standard.

Integrated communications

Simplify document creation and correspondence with seamless Microsoft Office integration. Record all communications and automate your workflow with a full Document Management System.

Comprehensive data migration services

Extensive experience in successfully migrating data from competitor and legacy systems. We provide secure and accurate migrations with minimal interruption to your business.

Superior single-tiered support service

We are committed to supporting you. Receive training and enjoy immediate technical support provided by professional and knowledgeable support technicians.

Complete suite of third-party integrations

Keep all aspects of your business connected. Our strategic partnerships with third-party vendors supply integrated insurance industry solutions (incl. personal lines rating, email marketing, consumer portal, premium financing and more).


Optional modules

Customize your solution with optional modules, including CSIO compliant insurance company policy upload/download and e-Docs, Document Management, Wholesale Broker Office, Declaration Pages and Premium Financing.

Power Broker for you



ClientDesk provides Power Broker brokerages access to the core functions of the digital insurance experience such as Engagement, Self Service, and Claims Management through web portals and mobile apps.

Brokers who use the Family Insurance Point of Sale System can use this function which allows them to transfer all of the Policy and Customer Additions and Changes, as well as the underlying Accounting Transaction back into the Power Broker System without the need to rekey the data.

The integration with Agency Revolution provides Power Broker brokerages the ability to leverage the Agency Revolution insurance suite of automated insurance marketing tools, such as pre-built marketing sequences, making it easy to stay connected while doing what you do best.

Power Broker integrates with BluInsurance, providing Power Broker brokerages tools to bring them into the digital age. A solution built on Zoho, BluInsurance provides you with the tools to manage leads, keep track of existing policies, and streamline your business processes.

The integration with IFS Financial Services Inc. provides Power Broker brokerages capabilities to query customer information as well as pass policy information from the Power Broker policy screen to the IFS Financial Services Premium Financing web application to be used for quoting the premium finance plan.

The integration with Merit Insurance Premium Financing provides Power Broker brokerages capabilities to query customer information as well as pass policy information from the Power Broker policy screen to the Merit Insurance Premium Financing web application to be used for quoting the premium finance plan.

The integration with Imperial PFS Canada system allows Insureds to pay for their Insurance by Credit or Debit cards on a monthly basis to the Imperial PFS Canada company, while the Power Broker brokerage receives the entire Insurance Premiums (and taxes) upfront.

The integration with KixPay Policy processing system provides customers of Power Broker brokerages to pay for their Insurance Premiums by Credit or Debit cards from a secure link. You can either have the Insured pay on a computer screen right in your office or you can email the Insured a link through which they can pay from their home computer, tablet or smartphone.

The integration with ClearPay provides Power Broker brokerages the ability to enjoy a dramatically simplified payment process for paying their monthly premium payables and direct bill advances, plus real time notification and provision of reconciliation data to insurance companies with the ClearPay functionality. ClearPay is designed specifically for the insurance industry as a closed environment to transfer both funds and the settlement information.

The integration with the CSIO My Proof of Insurance enables Power Broker brokerages the ability to send digital policy documents for personal and commercial lines, including proof of auto insurance (eSlips) to consumers over email leveraging CSIOnet, without leaving Power Broker.

The integration with the blueC 802 blueButler voice recording system provides Power Broker brokerages the ability to create Customer/Policy abeyance records that link to blueButler saved voice recordings. Once linked to an abeyance, the voice recording can be played back from within Power Broker.

From the Power Broker homepage, the blueButler search option allows the staff member to locate the customer in advance of even answering the call. When working on an existing customer, a second Power Broker session can be launched from the PowerBar allowing the incoming call to be serviced without disruption to the existing customer that is being serviced.

The integration with Pathway provides Power Broker brokerages access to products aimed at growing a brokerage business through Renewal Automation, Marketing Automation and Self-Service Kiosk. Streamline the tedious and highly manual approach most agencies & brokerages take when it comes to renewals with the Renewal Automation product by Pathway. Marketing Automation will grow your business with intuitive automated workflows that streamline marketing outreach tasks and integrate seamlessly with Power Broker. The Self-Service Kiosk is a multi-channel communication tool that empowers policyholders to get the information they want when they need it.