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Although attempts are made to make the information in these bulletins accurate and understandable, they are only a guide. Any time you are making changes to Power Broker or to Windows, there is a chance of things going wrong. If you feel something is beyond your abilities or just not quite clear, contact our technical support department or get someone with computer experience to help you.

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The Expression Builder is a tool that can be used to develop your own results from a wide variety of database fields. The Expression Builder can be accessed from speckled areas of Power Broker.

Type of Command Sample
1 Show Producer Code on Customer Customer.pcode = “RP”
2 Empty Customer Phone Number EMPTY(Customer.h_phone)
3 Customer Status Code for CLI Customer.sectcode = ‘CLI’
4 Customer Postal Code Range Customer.h_postzip => “V0V 1A1” and Customer.h_postzip =< “V0V 9Z9”
5 Customer Phone Number Query Customer_phone = “(250)”
6 All Customers Excluding One Producer Customer.pcode # ‘JJ’
7 All Customers Excluding Two Producers Customer.pcode # ‘JJ’ and Customer.pcode # ‘ZZ’
8 Policy Effective for a Range of Dates Poll.effective >= ctod(“01/01/2007”) and Poll.effective <= ctod(“01/01/2009”)
9 Policies for One Insurer Poll.insurer = ‘DOMI’
10 Policies for One Producer with NOT Empty Customer Reference number Customer.pcode = ‘DDD’ and !empty(Customer.xref)


Single expressions can be joined to other expressions using the ‘and’ command. (You may have numerous expressions joined one after another using the ‘and’ command)

Customer.pcode = “RP” and EMPTY(Customer.h_phone) and Customer.sectcode = “CLI”

The results would list customers with RP as the producer code, that have an empty customer home phone number, and the customer status code has CLI in it.

When the Expression Builder is brought up, the table at the bottom will display different table options depending on which menu choice you open the expressions builder from.

If you open the Expression Builder from Customers, and one of the reports, you will see the word ‘Customer’ in the From Table. If you open Expression Builder from Policies, Print Expression builder, you’ll note that the Poll database is exposed. Should there be other databases to draw data from, when you click on the drop down menu, you will see other different ‘Fields’ that you may want to draw from from some of the other sub tabs of the Customer or Policy screens.