VERY IMPORTANT  Exclusive Use is Required.

PBTASK Utility for Power Broker 4

Let’s imagine that you needed a method of running the basic features such as Fix Corrupted Files, the Pack and Re-index and the End of Day procedure but you weren’t in the office for a few days and really needed this stuff to get done all on it’s own.

Using PBTASK, in combination with your Windows Task Manager, will run these features as per your scheduling.

You can schedule Windows to run PBTASK at any day, or time you want as long as everyone is out of Power Broker 4 of course…

In your Windows Task scheduler, set PBTASK to run at a specific time. In this example, we will choose 1:00AM in the morning, not to conflict with your backup. You would set the file to whatever drive you use, plus the pbtask.exe.