Power Broker Update Version 4.6.7 NOW AVAILABLE!

This update is an important update that includes a new Amyuni print driver, a fix for a known Word Integration Issue and enhancements to the Assuresign integration.  This also includes a ‘fix’ for the ECHELON eDOC downloads downloading and saving to the same policy number.

Make sure you run a PACK and then have a complete backup of BRO before continuing with your update

Once the update is completed, all Users will need to run the <Run Workstation.EXE> located in under Tables – User Preferences:

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not have access to this area you will need to make sure your IT runs this on all computers for you.   If this is NOT run, you could run into issues with printing and/or printing to PDF.


Mark your Calendars — June 1, 2022!

Our Development Team is now working on an updating Power Broker, Version 5, that will include several important changes to our software. 

This will be a MANDATORY update for all Power Broker Users and will be released as a ‘scheduled’ and ‘monitored’ Update through the Power Broker Support Department.

More info to follow in the near future.


Please select this link for these important Version 4.52 setup instructions:

Instruction for applying an update

Version 4.50 Setup Instructions

Region Group Policy Management Settings


Once you have downloaded and read the Setup Instructions, please complete your download request form.

Select <Download Upgrade> to complete request form.

Once this Contact page has been completed, you will be directed to the update file.


**Please Note: If after completing the Contract Form the download does not start, AND if you are using <Google Chrome>,

please ‘right-click’ over the download area and select <Save Link As> to download this file to a saved location.


Download Upgrade

If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the support area @ 778-433-2477

Your Power Broker Support Team