Power Broker 5 Update Instructions

When upgrading from versions prior to 4.32 all workstations, servers and terminal services need to run the program bro\pbpdf.exe. New workstations can just run the bro\workstation.exe as normal. The pbpdf.exe will update the Power Broker PDF Printer from Amyuni version 4.0.1 to version PDF printing will not work without completing this step. This would be completed after the server update is finished.

When upgrading from 4.29.7 and prior:
Those installations still using Word 2003 must enable 2003 Compatibility mode via the Define Your Company Information -> G/L Account Info Tab, Miscellaneous Options Section after applying this upgrade.
Word 2007+ users can update templates to DOCX format via Create or Edit MS Word Form Letter option found on Forms Menu, and clicking the ‘Convert Old Templates’ button.

Digital Image Attachment users MUST re-run the updated BRO\WORKSTATION.EXE installation if the software release date on the login screen is older than June 19th, 2013. The digital image attachment function will not work unless the workstation installation step is completed.

Change to Power Broker log in screen. Users are now prompt to input their User ID Code and Password. In case the User is not sure of their User ID – they can check under Tables tab – User Security Codes. Any users with 3 or more characters for their User ID will just need to enter the first two characters.

Please print (in landscape mode) and follow these instructions carefully without skipping any of the details. After reading this document over, should you find that some of the technical references seem too complex, please either contact our office for assistance, or seek the assistance of your existing local technical support representative for networking and hardware issues.

Preparing For Your Update

1) Ensure that everyone has exited Power Broker when doing your update

2) Ensure that you and/or your local technical support representative have run a complete backup of your \BRO directory

It is also strongly advised that an alternate backup is created by following these easy steps:

3) Obtaining a Power Broker Upgrade Setup.exe file

Download Upgrade

4) Finding your Power Broker Software Sitting at a Workstation

Please follow these next steps to locate your Power Broker software:

(In this example, Power Broker is located on J:\BRO )

5) Installing Your Update From Your Computer

Double clicking the setup.exe file in MyDocuments and point the upgrade to your J:\BRO folder on your server. (Or whatever drive you have used) Once the upgrade reaches 100%, a final ‘Finish’ option will be displayed. Click Finish.

6) Launching Power Broker 4

If the icon on your desktop points to any other drive other than C:\BRO, double click on your Power Broker icon to begin the automatic data conversion. If your icon does say C:\BRO and you’re not sitting at the server, then this may mean that you are using the ‘Running on a Large LAN’ setup and should click here.

Running on a Large LAN for Power Version 4

Once the data conversion is complete, you can type in your Power Broker password.

Question: What if I have a brand new workstation and would like to use Power Broker 4?

Workstation Setup

Running Power Broker for the first time at your workstation

Double click your new Power Broker icon. A log in screen should appear. Either hit ‘Return’ on your keyboard or check the email from a Power Broker representative that would suggest an alternate password to log in with. Once you log in, you should visit TABLES, USER SECURITY CODES, and setup a new user i.d. with your own private password.

Here is the quick version of the upgrade for you pros…

  1. Everyone exits Power Broker
  2. Run a full backup of \BRO
  3. Download and install setup.exe
  4. Launch Power Broker from that computer