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Although attempts are made to make the information in these bulletins accurate and understandable, they are only a guide. If you feel something is beyond your abilities or just not quite clear, contact our technical support department or get someone with computer experience to help you.


Error Message Solution
1 Account Receivable outage in previous year that is closed You would add a dummy customer, add a dummy policy, and then seed the policy (found under Utilities tab) and then do a write off to the customer balance
2 Retention – by Producers Retention – Invoicing, Sales and commissions combination reports. As an example, first do 2012 with new and renewal, and then run the same report for 2013 to only Renewal
3 A/R out of balance Before resorting to Balance4 program, confirm that there are no unposted post dated cheques for month closed. This happens when month is closed early and not all PDC’s have posted.
4 Making cheque payable to customer and it is showing refund on statement Question under Utilities tab – Define your Company Information – Invoice 2 tab. To show either Refund or Cheque.
5 Cheque cleared in error – how to undo the clear Under Payables General – Reconcile Cashed Cheques. Click ‘Expand’ – All Cheques. Search for the cheque and remove the cleared flag and date.
6 Brokerage operating with two different tax rates They would have to set up their Line of Business table with duplicates and have the two different tax rates.
7 User looking for report for salary paid to producer/vendor Payables General – Print cash disbursements journal. Can choose 1 vendor from there OR under Edit current month cash disbursements. Hit the Export button – choose the vendor code.
8 Wanting to move credit from one customer to another customer Do a cash receipt. One cash receipt in a negative amount to lift the money and a positive cash receipt to put the amount on the proper client.
9 User wants to change their invoice numbers. Utilites tab – Reset System Counters. Second bar. Agency bill transactions number. Click proceed.
10 User wants to change the cheque numbers that are being printed out Tables tab – Bank Accounts Table. Select bank, Last used cheque number. (***Always use a higher number than whats in that field. Do not want duplicate cheque numbers).
11 Posting cheques and saying one or more G/L codes missing Check to see if they have entered in a blank line on the General Ledger disbursement section, delete blank lines and then try posting again.
12 To update customer balance on bottom of customer screen Must run End of Day.
13 Wanting to do a write-off/waver Go to customer screen and click ‘Waiver’ button on left side.
14 Can a $ amount instead of a % amount be added to producer table? NO – you could set comm %’s at zero and then print production reports months to determine dollar amounts to pay producers.
15 Report that calculates retention agency broker status report provides a users method of determining retention. Run this at month end, or any time, from the GL report menu.
16 Cheque and deposit that have been assigned to two diff policies – how to clear You will need to create another cheque using same cheque number and make it a negative to clear OR do a journal entry to fix.
17 Balances shown on old policies for one customer – how to clear You can move these balances between policies by entering numerour cash reciepts – to a bach exclusive to that customer. Enter a reqular payment amount for those policies showing balance and enter a -ve payment amount for those in credit balance. Net total for the batch should be 0.
18 The right way to add a new account in two branches You would add the new account to corporate chart and then cascade to branches.
19 When entering cheques in the batch screen ***note when you are assigning your own numbers IT will not stay in order – see fix 10 to correct the number.
20 Year End Year end journal entries have to be made into a CLOSED year.
21 To correct a commission adjustment Do a journal to reverse out.
22 Trial Balance Report for a closed year You cannot print for a closed year, you must print the operating statement comparative and the balance sheet comparative – these two together will give you your closed year trial balance.
23 Financial statements for a closed year Print balance sheet comparative and operating statement comprative for period 12 – you cannot open a closed year.
24 How to print payroll cheques Payables general – edit current month – then click on the export button it says only print payroll cheques, then say yes and pick your range of dates.
25 Credit on customer – unexplained Print customer statement – do not change defaults when printing.
26 Cannot delete customer that has previous transactions Suggest cancelling and then to archive at year end.
27 Took money from client need to pay insurer Accounts payable – create a cheque and GL should be accounts recievable – the next window that pops up you can select the customer.
28 Editing date on cheque that is already posted Accounts recievables tab – edit current month cash receipt.
29 Change/Edit a post dated cheque Go to client screen – click on post date – locate trans number, then go to invoicing tab – print and post – expand for all and search on transaction # when located highlight and click on post date at the top and then make your edit.
30 Void a cheque in a closed month Cannot void, need to do a re-entry (cheque) use the same cheque number and clear for the same date.
31 Reprint a cheque that failed/jammed in printer Payables general – go into the batch and locate the cheque – remove the P for print and reprint. If posted go to the edit and void cheque and re-do.
32 How to print a list of open balances that were seeded for customer If already posted, go to utilities – print original customer balances. This includes all customer seeding done on the system – unless they are running WAN then print by branch.
33 Can’t close a month as something is not posted Journal Entries, Cheques, Invoices, Cash Receipts, installments.
34 Current pre-bill report both agency bill and direct bill that can be exported to excel List Agency Bill Transactions and List Direct Bill Transactions.  Both are available in MS Excel format. Invoicing and Commissions Options-Reports-List Agency Bill Policy Transactions.
35 A cheque was deleted, but still shows up on the customer and in the Cash disbursements listing even though you have deleted the cheque. Do a journal entry and re-do the cheque and manually adjust your bank account table to reflect this issue.
36 A commission shows 2000%. Where is this puylling from? Some insurers do download commission rate – so could be how OPTI is downloading.  Or depending how they have indicated to pull commissions – from Policy Commission table, or just from policy – could be error in setup.
37 Month End Receivables don’t balance, but in Balance 4 they do. Go to Accounts Receivable, AR By Customer and export to Excel and then sort by Branch and look for missing or Old Branch Code.
38 If the customer has paid an Agency Bill payment directly to the company The premium is $1000. The company has sent back $50 in commission. The broker would do a cash receipt to that policy for $50 and then do a Journal entry from the company liability (40000 series usually) to the accounts receivable (30102 series usually).
39 Attempting to apply tax to a policy and the value does not match Tables – Line of Business table If this is a Direct Bill policy, taxes do not apply.
40 Error#4 – End of file Encountered Running Close Monthend procedure that has no invoicing in that month.  Add a $0.00 invoice and post.  Try closing monthend again.
42 Can’t Post a Cash Receipt Ensure that you have tabbed trough all of the boxes and ensure that you complete the ‘Type’ column by type ‘.’ and Enter and choosing one of the suggestions.