Send an Email Once the Pack and Re-Index has Completed Option

This option was created so that Power Broker users who run any of the Pack and Re-Index utilities day
or night time would get an email sent to their mail box once the pack and re-index has officially completed.
In other words, if you use PBTASK, PBNIGHTLY, The PB Task Scheduler, or even Utilities, Pack and
Re-Index, you would get an email notification.

If you would like to be emailed once a Pack and Re-index has completed, follow these few steps:

  • Download this SENDMAILBUNDLE.ZIP file to the \BRO folder on your server
  • Unzip SENDMAILBUNDLE.ZIP into your \BRO folder, and then find a file called ‘sendmailsample.bat’
  • Right click and Edit this file.
  • Change the three instances of to the email address you would like to be emailed too.
  • Change the ‘’ information to your own SMTP/POP3 account information.
  • Close sendmailsample.bat and choose ‘Yes’ to ‘Save’.
  • Rename sendmailsample.bat to sendmail.bat .

To test:

  • Ensure everyone has exited Power Broker first before proceeding.
  • Open PowerTools and click on Number Six which will run the Pack and Reindex.
  • Once you get to your log in screen, check your mail and see if you have received two email notifications.
  • You will get an email for the ACTIVE Pack and Re-Index, as well as a secondary email for the ARCHIVE Pack and Re-Index.