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Although attempts are made to make the information in these bulletins accurate and understandable, they are only a guide. Any time you are making changes to Power Broker or to Windows, there is a chance of things going wrong. If you feel something is beyond your abilities or just not quite clear, contact our technical support department or get someone with computer experience to help you.

This webpage is just a tool that we will be using to keep things noted so that should you have a technical question, you have an option to visit here first and do a search. Thank you.
July 7/2008








Error Message Solution
2 Error Number 1002
Error Message : Input/output operation failure
Program : Pack and ReIndex
Open Utilities, Define Your Company Information, Software Directories, and ensure that the Power Broker drive and path are correct.  Compare to the target line located in your Power Broker Icon on your desktop by right clicking, choosing properties, and clicking the shortcut tab.
3 Error 1327
Invalid Drive Specification
A) If drive letters have been changed on your computer, re-assign the original letter to the CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or operating system drive. Follow the steps appropriate to your operating system:

B) Verify that registry entries do not contain invalid drive letters that might be causing this error:

Click here

4 Cannot find MSVCR64.DLL Run Workstation.exe found in the Bro folder
5 Error 1426
OLE Error Code : Class Not Registered
This error occurred when clicking on the camera icon on the customer screen.  One solution was browse to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Power Broker\viscomsoft and delete imageviewer2.ocx, scanner.ocx, and viscompdf.dll and run your \BRO\WORKSTATION.EXE file again.  Then try again.
6 When printing Bank Reconciliation Report
Error 1959
Invalid Coordiantes
Check if user has too many uncleared cheques – or if you get their Disburse files, see if there are cleared cheques without a cleared date filled in. Get user to input cleared dates and try printing report again.
8 Word Integration
This operation cannot be completed because of dialog or database engine failures.  Please try again
This seems to happen on one template at a time.

Open Windows Explorer, browsed to \bro\word97 folder.  If you find a ~$xxx.doc name of the abbreviated name, delete this document.  These documents are usually created when a word document is having issues saving/retrieving from the server.

Open the good document directly from clicking on the .doc name, and it will give you the ‘options’ ‘remove data header sources’ error, and then I close it.


Try running the form again and it should work fine.

9 Opening Power Broker
Fatal Error:  Exception Code – Error log file:  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VFP\vfp8err.log
This error occurs after you click on ‘Yes’ when it asks ‘Convert 3.0 resource file to 6.0 Format’
In Windows Explorer, delete foxuser.dbf and foxuser.fpt.  If the system will not allow you to delete these two files because they are being used someone else, this means that the files are locked on your server.  The way to release these files is to go to the server, Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Shared Folders, Open Files, and find/close anyone using foxuser.dbf and foxuser.fpt.
10 Vista – Aero – Display Issues Until Resolved, should you find that you are having a display issue with Vista, please go to Start, Control Panel, Personalization, Appearance, and change from Aero, to Vista Basic, or some other option, and then test.
11 Variable ‘MQPLACE’ is not found
Writing Cheques
Contact Technical Support about restoring this file from a copy that a technical support staff will provide to you.
12 Error 36
Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword – Clicking on ‘Outstanding Abeyance from the main PB desktop
Check to see if the user I.D. is numeric.  If so, exit all Power Broker users, and go to Tables, User Security Codes, create a new users matching the same security settings as the existing user, go to Utilities, Change User Security Codes and run this from the numeric code to the alpha code.
13 Vfp8r.dll is corrupt 1)  Browse to C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CommonFiles\MicrosoftShared\VFP and delete vfp8r.dll and then install \BRO\Workstation.exe again
2)  Delete \BRO\Foxuser.dbf and \BRO\Foxuser.fpt file and try logging in again.
3)  Shut down workstation, and log back on, and test again
4)  Disconnect mapped drive, and reconnect mapped drive
14 Error 1102
This error occurs when a user i.d. folder is not created.
Open Windows Explorer, browse to your \BRO folder and create a folder that matches the User Code.  In this example the users’ code is GG.  Should you find files in this folder that have the .doc extension, you may delete them and their cousin files.  If it does not allow you to delete the files, a server reboot may be required.
15 Error 202 Usually this means that you are sitting at a computer that does not have the same drive letter as indicated in Utilities, Define Your Company Information, Software Directories.  If you are in an office with 20 people and every desktop PB Icon points to H:\BRO\BROW.EXE but you are sitting at the server and PB is in C:\DATA\BRO\BROW.EXE, then sitting at the server, map a drive letter H back to it’s own C:\DATA directory and create a new Icon on the desktop pointing to H:\BRO\BROW.exe
16 Database is Locked If all users are signed out of Power Broker and are still getting a Database is Locked error, a shut down on the server is required (not just a restart) – that error will usually mean there is a file locked up on the server level.
17 Adobe Reader DC Error
An Error occured while sending mail
Make sure user has their Outlook application open
18 Printing 1298 Test to another printer, change printer driver, re-install driver
19 Word Conversion – Error 7 This can happen of two documents somehow have the same name.  Open Power Broker, go to Forms, Delete Word Documents, find a document that has a duplicate name and delete either one or both letters.  Once deleted, exit Power Broker, go to start, run, browse to the \bro folder and find a file called msword_update.exe and launch this file.  Once launched, it’s going to update the templates again.
20 CompuQuote – Must specify additional parameters This is as Citrix/Terminal Server setting.You will have to setup up the home folders with a mapped drive letter.

You will have to setup home folder for the Citrix users instead of running through C:\documents and settings for their local files.

21 Broker Management Software – Broker Management Software has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience – This may happen during an upgrade from Build 32 to Version 4. The set compatibility mode on BROW.exe was set to Windows95.  Right click over brow.exe and go to Properties to view these details.  Unselected this setting and now they are able to launch.


22 While Running PowerTools
16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem
The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Applications.  Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.  Close/Ignore
This error was discovered on a computer that had a missing c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt file.  The file was restored from c:\windows\repair and PowerTools ran as it should.
23 EDI – Send and Receive – Proceed
Error 36 – Command Contains Unrecognized Phrase/Keyword
Utilities, Define your Company information, Software Directories, Mastercom EDI path had a space between the G:\ and the word EMAIL.  Check for spaces.
24 Microsoft Word Integration
Forms, Create or Edit Word Template
This operation cannot be completed because of dialog or database engine failures.  Please try again later.  OK
If you receive this error, click ‘OK’, Microsoft Word will launch the letter.  Click on ‘Save Document and return to Power Broker’.  After a brief pause, Word will display a ‘Recover my work and restart Microsoft Office Word’ message.  Uncheck this box and click on Don’t Send.  Please try editing your template a second time.  It should be reset and ready for use.
25 EDI, Reformat Latest CSIO Download
does not reformat
Corrupt or invalid entries in memos.dbf, fpt, cdx files.  Someone placed Question Marks in the Machine Address in CSIO TAbles.  Once the question marks were removed, the reformat worked.
26 Error Number 4
End of File Encountered
This was due to a user not ‘Tagging’ the producer code with an X when choosing a report by a specific producer.  This would happen in other menus where tagging is involved.
27 Error 1753 Cannot Load 32 Bit DLL
Foxfix5.dll, FixCorruptTables
This error is a result of a Windows Security setting that can either be disabled, or settings may be added to by pass this error.
Option 1:
Click here for more details, OR you are missing foxfix5.dll found in your \BRO folder.
( DEP – Data Execution Prevention )
Option 2:
Right click on Start Menu – Control Panel – User Accounts – Change User Account Control settings. Slide the bar down to ‘Never Notify’. Click the ‘OK’ button and please restart the PC.
28 Cannot find MSVCR70.DLL CLICK HERE to download the MSVCR70.EXE file to the effected workstation and extract to:


29 Error Number 15
Not a table
Copy the nexisys.dbf FROM the \BRO\AD folder TO the IMAGE Storage directory mentioned in Utilities, Define your Company Information, Software Directories, Image Storage path.
30 popupf.prg Does Not Exist Go to Tables, User Preferences, change language from French to English.
31 Error 1113 during Pack and Re-index Corrupted .CDX file.  Figure out which one and restore.
32 On the main screen, when you click on ‘Outstanding Abeyances’, you get an error 12, Variable ‘A’ is not found. This was from a customer that had a user code as ‘A-‘.
A backup of \BRO was done, a new code ‘AB’ was created in the user table, and then the Utility to ‘Change Merge User Code’ was done.
33 When doing EDI, Send and Receive just Flashes Uninstall AVG Free 8.0, restart your computer, and try again.  If it works, re-install AVG again and disable all the settings, and restart.  Test again.  If it works, gradually add component after component back again, testing EDI each time.
34 Error 111
Cannot update curdor because NEXISYSDATABASE is read only
Make sure users have full read/write permissions to all folders leading up to the Appstart.exe for Brovada integrations.
35 When using Remote Desktop from a Windows XP computer to another Windows XP computer acting as the server, some of the grids delay and not show up right away as you type information into them. When using Remote Desktop from a Windows XP computer, change the ‘host’ machine’s desktop to the  Classic View and then try again.
36 In one office two of four computers were VERY slow for the print box to open to select a printer. We went into the Control Panel, and then Printers and deleted some ‘non essential’ printers, and tried printing again and it worked fine.  We repeated the same steps at the second computer and it fixed it as well.
37 Printing to Excel

Error Number: 202
Invalid path or file name

Make sure you save the excel file into an already excisting folder on the computer, and end the file name with .xls.


38 OCX file will not register Example solution:

Sitting at the computer that’s having this problem, you would go to :

Regsvr32 “c:\program files\common files\power broker\viscomsoft\ImageViewer2.ocx”

39 In a customer or policy note, a Power Broker User experienced Power Broker closing when the folder option to link a .pdf file was choosen. The anti-virus was uninstalled, restarted the pc, and it no longer kicked the user out of Power Broker.  The version of anti-virus was one of the Nortons.  The customer was then instructed to go to Google, and do a search for AVG Free and to install this alternate anti-virus for now.
40 Printing Excel Report –
RUN|! command failed. The system cannot find the file specified.
Go to Tables – User Preferences. Rebrowse the Excel pathway.
41 64 Bit, Windows Vista
Exporting to Excel
Database is locked
This happens when you use C:\ drive as the destination directory of your Excel file.  Either create a folder on your C:\ drive and add this to  your path, or direct the file to the \BRO folder on your server since it should have full permissions.  Example:
42 Cannot Locate Visual Foxpro Support Library This usually happens in Terminal Server where permissions are an issue.  The first thing you need to do is go to the Terminal Server and run the \BRO\Workstation.exe.  This will install the needed .dll files in the c:\program files\ common files\powerbroker directory.  You would then move to a workstation, connect through terminal server, and test launching Power Broker.  The next step would be to ensure that the \BRO folders permissions have FULL permissions for everyone.  If that doesn’t work, you would copy the .dll files from the c:\program files\ common files\powerbroker\viscomsoft folder to the c:\windows\system32 folder.  Reconnect backup again and launch Power Broker.
43 After an upgrade, you go to open Customers, Customer and Prospects
Form1 missing error
The first step would be to go to Payables General, Reports, and run Custom Cash Disbursements Report, click screen, and then click into the bottom and enter through the series of boxes at the bottom of the screen.  As you hit ‘Enter’ on the last box, a report will be brought to screen thus creating CUSTDISB.MEM.
44 No Parameter Statement Found:
Word Integration
Sitting at the workstation as the user who sits at this desk, log into Power Broker as this person.  Go to Tables, User Preferences, and then browse to Winword.exe .  Exit Power Broker, log back in as the user, and try your letter again.
45 Error 2091 – File has become corrupt Run Step number 5 in PowerTools for Fix Corrupted Databases.
46 EDI – Send and Receive Error –
The security certificate for this site has been revoked.  This site should not be trusted.(This is a CSIO/Telus issue, and not PB4)For further assistance with this error, please contact them.
Open your web browser and click on “Tools” then “Internet Options”, click on the “Advanced” tab and then scroll down to the bottom until you reach “Security”, uncheck “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” and (if checked ) “Check for server certificate revocation”), click “Apply” and then “OK”.

Go to ”” and login with your account credentials, once you have connected successfully sign out and go back to “Tools, Internet options, Advanced, and only check back “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” under security.

You should be able to connect successfully to csionet again.

47 EDI – Merge Auto Policies – Print Reports – 1429 – OLE IDispatch exception code 1801 from cdintf: DriverInit failed.. – Program – PDF.INITIALIZEANDPROMPT – Release Date November 12/2009 Open Windows Explorer and run Workstation.exe which should install the Power Broker PDF Printer.
48 Very slow connection with Windows 2008 Terminal Server Disable the internal denial-of-service attack detection
49 Error number 1113
File is not open
This error was caused by old inactive numeric user codes in the user table.  Error occured with trying to jump to a policy from list.

Deleting numeric users solved the problem.

50 Policies downloaded through EDI but no mail.  The message is displayed as ‘ Reading mail into PB format’ and hangs the computer. Open a file called mailrecv.rml found in \Email on the server using Wordpad, and delete any corruption – if you do not see any corruption just delete the information on this screen. *Take note to the information that has been downloaded. Then try again.
51 File Access Denied Shut down and reboot server
52 Microsoft Visual Foxpro Error
The resource file is not valid. Overwrite it with a new empty one?
In the Bro folder, open Config.fpw in Notepad. Make sure this file says:
You can also try deleting files Foxuser.dbf and .fpt from Bro folder. They are no longer required
53 Adobe must be defined in User Preference error Go to Tables, User Preferences and browse to :

C:\program Files\Adobe\Reader 7, 8, 9 ect\Acrord32.exe

If you are on a 64 Bit operating system, you may have an alternate path of:

C:\program files (86)\Adobe\Reader 7, 8, 9 ect\Acrord32.exe

54 Abobe Acrobat Reader DC
“Save As” pop up box does not allow saving of document
Click Here for further instructions
55 RPC Server Unavailable
Clicking MS Oulook in any type of application
Open Microsoft Outlook, minimize Outlook, and try the application/liability slip by clicking the MS Outlook button again at the bottom of the application/liability slip, and choose Power Broker PDF Printer.  An Outlook email should open and the PDF application/liability slip should be visible as an attachment.
56 Error 30 – printer not activated
Printing an Application
Change the default printer to a real printer and not a PDF Printer.

* Also note Quick Fix #87

57 Missing information in the PDF document 1) Confirm version report by printer properties.
a) In Control Panel double click on the printers and faxes option.
b) Right click on the Power Broker PDF Printer and select the properties option.
c) click on the About tab.
d) Confirm the version says ( which is a good thing )2) If it’s, then use the Uninstall command:
a) Run the following command on the workstations ( assuming terminal services is not being used )
Substitute Q:\ with the Drive letter the workstations use to access Power Broker.q:\bro\pdf\install.exe -u “Power Broker PDF Printer”b) Now re-install the pdf printer
Run: q:\bro\pbpdf.bat
58 Can’t find the PDF Document error 1)  In Power Broker, go to Utilities, Define your Company Information, Software Directories, and then ensure that you have a network drive letter and folder in the Image Storage folder.
Z:\IMAGES2)  In Windows Explorer, ensure you have an actual folder on your Z: drive called \IMAGES
59 Adobe Print Job Freezes Power Broker
and hangs
Start, Control Panel, Printers, right click on the Power Broker printer, Windows 7 (64 bit) users should not select Properties, but SHOULD select PRINTER PROPERTIES, select the PORTS tab, and change the check mark to the ‘NUL’ option.  Click apply, ok, and test Power Broker again.
60 Error 1429 – Reprinting invoice or printing statement Verify client screen says NO to Outlook Email Default Question.
61 Error 12 variable ‘Spreadlaun’ not found Users database was not converted correctly.
Shut down server, restart server, redo upgrade.
62 Word is still running or did not close properly Ensure that you have a DOCS folder in the \BRO\WORD97 directory.  If there is not one, then in the \BRO\WORD97 directory, right click and choose ‘New’ and then ‘Folder’.
63 PBTASK Launches, but does not run any of the utilities and just sits there Ensure that the ‘Start In’ in the Windows Task Scheduler identifies the drive and bro folder name.  Please review these installation instructions for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server editions
64 Adobe Reader X ( or 10 )
There was an error opening this document.
Access is denied.
In Adobe, go to Edit, Preferences, Security (Enhanced) and remove the check mark on the ‘Enable Protected Mode at startup’.
65 System Administrator has set policies to prevent this installation’ Error A) The quickest solution to this would be to
log out and log in as the administrator
and simply change the user setting
B) Also, if you go to users in your control panel and deactivate the User Account Control
then this should no longer be an issue.
C) Another simple solution to this predicament
is as follows -:
1.Enter the control panel once again and open Administrative Tools.
2.Go to the Local Security Settings.
3.Click on Software Restriction Policies.
4.In the event that there are no software restrictions defined, you can right click on Restriction Policies and
5.Select New Software Restriction Policy.
6.Next, double click on the enforcement and
7.Select All users except local administrators.
8.Finally, click OK. Lastly, reboot your computer and the problem should be resolved.
66 PBPDF – Windows 2008 Server – PDF.EXE does not install WARNING:  Please review the next set of instructions and first ensure that they are not going to give any other types of issues for anything else on your network.
Start, Control Panel, User Accounts, select your user, and click on ‘Turn User Account Control on or off’.  Remove the check mark and restart the server.  Please test by running PBPDF.exe .
67 CQ Integration Floppy Icon Missing cqoneway.exe is missing from \BRO
Contact PB4 Tech Support or restore a copy from your backup.
68 EDI
Setting Trust
Error:  Runtime Error:  Access denied.  You might not have administrative credentials to perform this task.  Contact your system administrator for assistance.
Windows 7 users need to go to Start, Run and type UAC.  Click OK.  Slide the slider to ‘Never Notify’ and click OK.  Reboot the computer and test the Start, All Programs, Broker EDI, Trust again.  ( If your RUN option is not there, go to Start, and then right click on the menu, click on Properties, Customize, scroll down, and check mark the ‘Run Command’ option, click OK, and then Apply)
69 File In Use
Error 7
On the root of the drive where the \BRO folder is, create a folder called \TEMPBRO.  You would then go into the \BRO folder, edit Config.FPW and add the line:
70 Problems with printing with PDF Right click over the Power Broker PDF Printer, and go to Printer Properties, and change the port to NUL.  Another option is if you are using Adobe Reader 9, Uninstall and reinstall to Adobe Reader 10 or in reverse if you have version 10 installed to start with.  Remember to reboot before re-installing.
71 Black Box – Signature Pad – Third party software may interfere with the Signature Integration by changing an important element of the computers registry.  Should you receive a black box in your form or application, you may need to edit your registry. A WORD OF WARNING – EDITING YOUR REGISTRY MAY DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER – PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY BEFORE HAND – Once backed up, you would go to Start, Run or Search for regedit.

In your registry, you would browse to this path and ensure that it does indeed say Paint.Picture.


If it says something else, write that down for future reference, and then change it to Paint.Picture.

Should you find that this creates an issue with another program like PhotoShop, you would have to weigh which is more important to you.

If it does indeed say Paint.Picture, close the registry and contact tech support.

Another option is to go to your computer, go to Start, Control Panel,
Programs and Features, and sort the list by ‘Date’. If you notice a ‘new’ and recently added software, it might be getting in the way of the intergration. Uninstall any software that you might not need, reboot and try again. One last thing to try is bring the Signature pad to another computer, install the software by clicking here , plug in the signature pad after the install so Windows doesn’t initialize any auto installation, and then please try again.

72 Please run the Power Broker Workstation installation Sitting at the computer, go to Start, Control Panel, User Accounts, Change User Account Control Settings.  Slide the bar to the bottom ( Never Notify ).  Restart your computer.  Run \Bro\PBPDF.BAT file.  Go to Start, Devices and Printers, right click on the Power Broker PDF Printer and select Printer Properties in the middle of the menu list.  Click on Ports, and change to NUL.  If you do not have a NUL, then please leave the default setting.  Test your Print job once again.  TECH TIPS:  in \BRO\PDF, open the install log file and ensure that cdintf.dll does indeed get installed with no errors.
73 MS Outlook is running but an error occurred.  Please try again. Sitting at the computer that this is happening to, go to the Windows desktop, right click on the PB4 icon, go to Properties, and then select the Shortcut tab at the top of the screen.  If the target line is a UNC path, then you will need to delete the entire icon, ensure you have a proper mapped drive, and remake your icon.  Example of a UNC path would be (  \\server\data\bro\brow.exe ).  If Power Broker is mapped to P: drive, your target line should be P:\BRO\BROW.EXE .
74 Microsoft Word does not close Go to that station that’s giving you this issue, open word, go to File, and then Options, and then Add-Ins, and compare it to a computer in your office that doesn’t have this issue.

If you do find something different, click on the item in the table/list, click on Go, click on the item, and choose Remove.

Reboot, and please test again.

75 Workstation in Silent Mode workstation.exe /s
76 Juniper does not launch Go to Start, All Programs, Java, Configure, Security, Change the sliding bar to ‘Medium’.
77 Accounts Payable – Enter Payables Batch – Top right of the screen, Print Receipts – Once clicked, it opens a folder looking for a file, and if you select cancel, OLE error code 0x80040154:  Class not registered.  OLE object is being ignored. In Power Broker, go to Utilities, Define your Company Information, Print tab at the top of the page, and in the Capture and Print Signature on Cash Receipt Acknowledgement, type ‘N’.
78 Outlook Integration – Drag and Drop Open Outlook, click on ‘View’ and choose ‘Reset View’ and please test again.
79 EDI – The Network Connect Session terminated 23712 From the control panel, uninstall all Juniper products.
From C:\Windows\System32\Drivers , rename dsNcAdpt.sys to dsNcAdpt_old.sys .
In Internet Explorer, go to and type in your username and password, and log in.  This will prompt you to reinstall Juniper.
80 Error 1405 in PowerBroker is a result of the “Open File Security Warning’
message that he gets when trying to launch PowerQuote.
Click here for more details
81 EDI, Send and Receive, Click Proceed, and PB4 flashes back to the main screen but doesn’t download Go to Utilities, Define your Company info, Policy tab, and look for characters in the Lombard Field.  If you can’t empty the field, please contact technical support for more details.
82 Icons say command or blank – resource file is invalide Browse to the c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows\syswow64 folder and delete vfp8*.* files
83 Drag and Drop Issues If you cannot drag and drop a PDF, JPG, DOC file into any Drop Box in Power Broker, then please ensure that you haven’t stored the original files in a folder that is either protected by security set in Microsoft Windows, by your local tech,  or in a folder that is embedded in a very long sub directory.  In Windows Explorer, you can copy the original files to a simple directory like ‘ S:\Bucket’ or to your ‘User Image Holding Folder’ that is defined under Tables, User Preferences in Power Broker and then try dragging and dropping from there ( S is only being used in this example, you can use whatever drive letter your Power Broker software uses ( F, P, Q, X, Z ect..)
84 Word to Outlook Issues In Word, click on Review, and click on ‘Restrict Editing’ and then click on the Power Broker tool bar where is says ‘Outlook’.
85 PowerQuote Intergration Doesn’t Work Check for spaces in the path in Utilities, Define your Company Info, Software Directories in Power Broker.  Request PowerSoft to install to a friendly location.
86 Clearing a cheque in a previous year. Create a negative cheque for the same value of the previous cheque but put it in this month and mark the original cheque with the new cheque dates of the negative one
87 Printer Not Activated – Error 30
Printing to PDF
Step 1) Open Power Broker, log in, go to Tables, User Preferences, At the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Run Workstation’ button, and install.OR

Open Windows Explorer, browse to your \BRO folder, and double click on workstation.exe and install

Step 2)  Start – In the RUN or SEARCH Window, type Regedit and open your computers registry editor.

WARNING – Editing your registry could potentially harm your computer.  Your local Technical Support Representative should backup your Registry before Proceeding!

Navigate to the registry key  ->
HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG -> Software ->  right click on the Power Broker PDF Printer, select permissions.  Full Control needs to be given for the group the user account belongs to.  In some cases, adding ‘Everyone’ to the security has resolved the issue.  Restart your computer and test again.

If after the restart, you get the same error, and you notice the registry didn’t save the changes, you would go back to the registry editor, go to Permissions, click on Advanced, and choose the user to ‘take ownership’ of the folder, and then set the permissions to full.  Restart and test again.

Step 3)  In Windows, go to Start, Settings, Devices, Printers and Scanners.  See the option named “Let Windows manage my default Printer’.  Turn this to ‘OFF’.

Please do this if the above steps do not work:
Go to your \Bro and/or \Bro/PDF folder and do a search for pbpdf.exe and run this file, and then please test again.

NOTE:  These fixes are also good for people that have the message error ‘Broker Management Not Responding’ when trying to use the SCAN feature in Power Broker.

88 Word Integration Error
OLE error code – Server Execution Failed
Uninstalled Anti Virus Software, did a Microsoft Office ‘repair’, it was fixed.  Installed the Anti Virus Software, rebooted and still worked.
89 Vinworks Error Copy msvcr71.dll into c:\windows\syswow64 folder
90 Try to launch the Power Broker icon and nothing happens This has recently happened to 2 seperate brokerages in totally different areas of the country.  Running Power Broker from the server directly from the data share works fine, but running it through a mapped drive creates the issue on not ALL computers but some.  Avast Anti-virus software were installed in both offices –
December 3rd / 2015
91 Word Integration to PDF button
Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working
Apply the latest update to your Microsoft Office
92 Adobe Reader – There was an error opening this document.  This file is already open or in use by another application Uninstall Adobe Reader, reboot, and reinstall Adobe OR uninstall, reboot and change versions of Adobe.  Ensure that you go to Tables, User Preferences in Power Broker and browse to the correct Adobe Executable.  Ensure that in Adobe, you go to Edit, Preferences, Security Enhanced and remove the two check marks referencing  Enable Security Questions.  Exit and test.
93 OLE Error when generating a *.pdf file Open Adobe Reader, Edit, Preferences, Security (enhanced), ensure both ‘top’ Enable questions are blank by clicking ‘Yes’ and ‘OK’ at the bottom of the page.  Exit Adobe, and test again please.
94 Drag and Drop in Outlook Must have the Subject Column in Outlook – Example:
95 Error 125 – Printer is Not Ready
EDI – Send and Receive
Verify that information in the upload screens are correct.
Data such as ‘Contract Number’ fields with ‘.’ symbols will generate the error.  Take a screen capture or make note of the policy or policies that have invalid characters, delete the policy from the EDI Upload screen, and try doing another Proceed to do the Send and Receive.  If it works, go back to that policy, correct the contract number field that has a symbol in it, and upload the policy again.
96 A Large CSIO splashed across the screen when the application sprints Please try running either the pbpdf.exe or workstation.exe from the BRO folder.

Another option: On the computer that this is happening too, please uninstall Adobe Reader under Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features, shut down the computer, restart, reinstall Adobe Reader.  Once re-installed, go to Tables, User Preferences, and re-browse the Adobe path in case you have uninstalled and re-installed a different version.

97 Applied to PB4 Integration
Error 109
Record is in use by another user
This may be happening if the broker is clicking on the ‘customer lock’ that locks the screen and then attemping to save a quote back to the existing customer.  First unlock the customer record by unclicking the lock and then integrate.
98 Outlook warning message to Allow access In Outlook, go to File, Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Programmatic Access.
99 Word Intergration Error-
This document has an item such as a textbox that has been left in edit mode. Please finish editing the document then try again.

Outside of Power Broker, open windows explorer, browse to the drive where your \bro folder is, open the \word97 folder, and double click on any template word document.

When Microsoft Word opens, click on ‘VIEW’ and then ‘EDIT DOCUMENT’ and then exit Microsoft Word.

Open Power Broker and please test the letter you were trying to create.

100 Printer Not Printing all Pages
of a print jobThe problem is that only the odd numbered print jobs print with Word integration.Example: I am in a Word integration document, click print, the first print job prints successfully, I click the print option a second time, the print job will be submitted but will not print, I click print a third time and the print job will print successfully.
This issue is due to a Microsoft Security Update – August 2016

1)  In some cases, updating your printer driver will fix this issue


2A)  If you are on Windows 7 or 8, Uninstall the Microsoft Update
Step 1 – Close out of all programs, go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features.  At the top left, go to ‘View Installed Updates’.
Search for KB3177725 and uninstall it.  The system will reboot

2B)  Apply the latest Windows Update that will contain a secondary patch to the KB3177725 update patch.  It’s called KB3187022

3)  If you are on Windows 10, Uninstall the Microsoft Update
Step 1 – Close out of all programs, go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features.  At the top left, go to ‘View Installed Updates’.
Search for KB3176493 and uninstall it.  The system will reboot.

NOTE:  At the present time, there are no known updates to the Windows 10 KB3176493 update.


This computer is not configured to run EDI

This would mean that you have not setup Mastercom on this workstation. Please reveiw this document ( to set this up.It may also mean that you did NOT have the proper permissions to setup Mastercom so please go to Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced System Settings, Environment Variables, and in the bottom window, you should see something like: MV as the Variable Name and the Value should reflect what drive you are on with Power Broker such as P:\EMAIL\

If it’s not there, you can click the ‘New’ button, Variable name is MV and Variable Value is in this example P:\EMAIL and click OK. Close everything and then open Windows Explorer, go to P:\Email and find a file called setuppc.exe and install that. Once installed, open Power Broker and please try again.

102 Error 1429:
OLE Dispatch exception code 0 from Microsoft Word: Word cannot start the converter SSPDFCG_X64
1) Go to “C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\MicrosoftShared\TextConv” folder2) Rename “SSPDFCG_X64.CNV” to “SSPDFCG_X64.OLD”
103 Juniper keeps looping over and over and does not install If Juniper keeps looping over and over and does not cooperate, follow these steps:
Go to your Control Panel, Programs and Features, and uninstall Juniper ( You may see three Junipers in the list, uninstall all )Your next step it to establish if your pc is 32 or 64 bit.  To do so, go to Start, Control Panel, click on System.  It should tell you if you are 64 bit, but if it doesn’t mention that you are 64 bit, we are assuming you are 32 bit.Click here to select the version you need, download and install.
64bit Computers click here to install Juniper Network Connect
32bit Computers click here to install Juniper Network ConnectOnce installed, go to Start, All Programs, Juniper, and then Network Connect  ( Type into the address line above )
Do not close this window as you have two more things to retrieve but go to the next step.You would then go to Start, All Programs, Broker EDI PC Email Engine, Settings Main and complete this screen.Copy the Username and Password into the Network Connect boxes that are empty.  Click Sign In.
104 Trying to install an update, but the mapped drive letters do not show up in the bottom list ( Power Broker, Mastercom , 7-Zip ) This is a windows issue displaying drives. To fix this, you would need to edit your registry.Warning: Changing your registry may harm your computer. Ensure you have backed up your registry before proceeding or contact your local IT support to assist.

Go to Start, Search, type REGEDIT. When you find it, open Regedit.

and create a new DWORD entry with the name EnableLinkedConnections and value: 1

Reboot your computer and please try your Power Broker upgrade.

105 Signature in Word Integration merges to the top of the document and not where it is in the template – Office 2010 Apply the latest Power Broker update found on the website homepage – Version 4.30.2
106 Error Number: 1298
Page header band is too large to fit on page
Change the default printer and remove any printers not needed

If using DYMO software, changing from ‘landscape’ to ‘portrait’ sometimes gets stuck in ‘landscape’ .. verify and try again.

107 Outlook Integration Error
Power Broker was not able to find the email in the sent items folder. Microsoft Outlook may still be sending the email, or the email was not sent.
Please click below to review the fix for Outlook error.

108 Word Integration
Microsoft asks you to “save” a document and does NOT complete the integration
Close all programs. Open Microsoft Word. Go to ‘File’ and then ‘Options’. Click on ‘Add-Ins’. At the bottom, click on ‘GO’. Remove the check mark in the ‘abDocs Word Addin’ so that it’s blank. Click ‘OK’. Exit Word. Please test your document again from the inside of Power Broker.
109 Drag and Drop feature in Power Broker will not work with Outlook messages When you open your Outlook, make sure that the ‘Sort By’ bar (shows who the message is from, the subject line, the date it was received,ect..) is in its default position. If you alter the rows then Power Broker will not be able to read it resulting in the drag and drop error.
110 Microsoft Outlook Error
A program is trying to access data from Outlook that may include address book information
Go to the Tables tab in PB – User Preferences – Click ‘run Workstation.exe’ button.
111 Error 1104 – C:\USERS The 1104 or the C:\USERS error is generally caused by moving your Power Broker software to a newly updated server or operating system. Please Click Here for more details on changes you or your local technical support staff may need to do.
112 When tabbing through a policy, the contract number isn’t populating a drop down menu to select a contract number If you go to Tables, Insurance Companies, Sub Tables, and complete the Address Line 1 details
113 Issues with Windows Task Scheduler and integration modules ( Agency Revolution, Client Desk, Pathway ) With some of our new integrations, test with an alternate option.In Windows Task Scheduler, test by putting in the trigger page of your Windows Task Scheduler:
(test using mapped or UNC paths)EXAMPLE PATHWAY:\\server\share\bro\brow.exe
Arguement = task4
Start in = \\server\share\broAgency Revolution: task2Client Desk: task3Pathway: task4
114 EDI Mastercom Communications Error – HTTP – Version 9.1
Failure to send registration message
In \EMAIL\EXE rename NewInstall.fil to e.g. xxNewInstall.fil and then test
115 HTTP Invalid Token Agency Revolution Error Contact Agency Revolution for a Token Code
116 Word Integration signatures not positioned in the correct spot Browse to Utilities – Define Your Company Information – GL Account Info. In the Miscellaneous Options, Put a ‘Y’ in the ‘Enable Original MS Word Integration workflow’ question. Exit Power Broker and test your letter again from a customer screen.
117 Running a Windows 7 workstation and updated to Mastercom 9.5a, then not able to connect The region and language setting was English (US) but must be English (Canada) or French (Canada) to have the short date “yyyy-mm-dd”
118 Error when doing Send and Receive:

An error cannot be emailed to you as there are wrong settings in “Settings – Outgoing Mail Server”

Click here for solution to this error
119 Client Desk
Fixing the mqcomp.mem file
1) You need to figure out what the variable name is for the field(s) that are invalid.
The Client Desk key file code is: mqc_cd_code2) Create a folder, drop the mqcomp.mem file into the folder, run visual foxpro. In vfp command window, set default path to folder you created. Ie: set default to c\abcbrokerage3) In command window:
Restore from mqcomp additive
mqc_cd_code = ” ”
save all like mqc* to mqcomp4) Install into Client Desk Bro folder, overwrite existing mqcomp.mem file, access Define Your Company Information and update field with correct information.
120 Printer not Activated
Error code -41After running the latest Power Broker update (4.32.2)
Run workstation.exe or pbpdf.exe from the Bro folder
121 Workstation does not install or add to the registry Right click on Workstation.exe in the BRO folder, go to Properties – Security tab. Give full permissions to all of the listed groups.
122 Secman Error Click here to download Secman file

1) Decompress the contents of the zip file into:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\power broker\add-in express

2) In your Windows Search box, type CMD.  The CMD option will appear.  Right-click on CMD and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

Copy the following line and past it < CTRL V> into the black CMD command window:

regsvr32 “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\power broker\add-in express\secman64.dll”

Once you hit <enter> you should receive a successful message.  Click OK

Copy the following line and past it < CTRL V> into the black CMD command window:

regsvr32 “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\power broker\add-in express\osmax64.ocx”

Once you hit <enter> you should receive a successful message.  Click OK

Please run Workstation.exe found in your BRO folder.  Try your integration again.

3) Windows PowerShell – Administrator

If the above suggestion does not work:
You will need to edit your Registry. Browse to this path:
Edit the EnableLUA to 0 and then reboot.

123 Launching Word Integration – and the Integration Bar does not close. Enable all users to “Run as Administrator” for Microsoft Word.
125 Scanning New Image

Error Number 2027
Error message: Declare DLL call caused an exception

1) Compare the date of C:\windows\system32\GdiPlus.dll to a computer that is working. If the computer that is having an issue has an older file, then update it by copying it from the other computer to the compter that is having the problem.

2)To rename GdiPlus.dll, you will need to take ownership. Right-click properties, and gain ownership of the file.
Properties – Security – Advanced – Owner.

3)After that, set permissions to read and write the file if you need to. Rename and replace the new file.

4)Test your scan again.

126 Users have already run the PBPDF.exe after updating to recent Power Broker version, and are still getting the message to run workstation.exe found on the User Preferences screen Make sure that PBPDF.exe is not running as a UNC path. If it is, try to install at an Admin DOS prompt
127 Client Desk – call script – function type: argument is invalid
Happens on each customer it creates. Does create the XML but the error appears for each. (Incremental sync)
Contact Power Broker tech support to review your Utilities, Define Your Company Information – Integrations tab for invalid characters.
128 When printing Invoices

Error Number: 31
Error Message: Invalid subscript reference.

Look for an ‘Invalid Date’ in any of the ‘Date’ boxes on the invoice screen. Correct and try to print again.
129 HTTP GetLink Result Code: 413 On the Define Your Company Information screen, browse to your integrations tab and reduce the number of policies, exit Power Broker and test again. This error is usually due to an internet issue. Too many policies are trying to fit through the available access.
130 When opening from a policy or customer, the abeyance list, and then clicking one item to open, it takes 5 seconds or longer on a stand-alone computer It was reported that this customer went to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Windows features on or off, found both SMB 1.0 and SMB Direct with check marks. The customer unchecked them and then restarted which fixed this issue.
You will also want to check your settings in Adobe – Edit – Preferences – Security (Enhanced). Make sure top two boxes are unmarked. Click OK at bottom right of screen.
Another option (Windows 10):
DirectoryCacheLifetime Dword=0
FileInfoCacheLifetime Dword=0
FileNotFoundCacheLifetime Dword=0
Don’t forget to reboot workstation.
131 Brokers have found missing eDoc’s from their daily download Browse to the drive where your power broker is located in your File Explorer, go to Email folder, then go to EDIFILESIN folder. Should you find .bad files with recent dates, please contact Power Broker Technical Support.
132 When opening a Word document, you get an Error 1426 OLE.
Or you get the message saying this program is already running, switch to or retry.
Open Windows Explorer, go to your \BRO\Word97 folder, and right click over any word document that doesn’t have Word as the default program, and choose Microsoft Word. This should change all Microsoft Word documents to use Word and not any other Word Processing programs.
133 Error 107 Review Utilities, Define your Company Info, look for any box that has X’s in them that you can not change, and then notify Power Broker Technical Support.
134 Applied Rating Integration – Temp Folder during Integration c:\users\username\appdata\local\appllied cq rating services
135 Launching PB and getting <errortrap.prg> Remap PB Icon
136 Error:

CSIOnet GUID’s not received

The resource cannot be found (verdana / lucida)

Keyboard was set to FRENCH

URL pathways in DYCI, INTEGRATION 5 were ‘pasted’ and NOT typed into the pathways.  Erase the pathway info, EXIT PB – type the info into the pathways, EXIT PB and try EDI S&R again

137 4.50.6

EDI does not download data

Open Control Panel, and then Region and change to English Canada
138 ERROR #12                           variable ‘add_info” is not found    line number; 0                                    program: database.xxconv


If applying an update and you receive this error (and you have a ‘polltrantxt.dbf’ indicated in BRO) then rename ‘polltran.fpt’ to ‘polltranold.fpt’ and run the <setup.exe> update file again.
139 Office 365 (0365) short pathways To find shorter versions of the install path for Office 365 (0365) for User Preference pathways:


Dir *winword.exe* /s

140 Error #1426

Printing to Word and/or Adobe after Microsoft Windows/Office update

Go to <search> Control Panel – Programs & Features – select <view install updates> at top right corner – <search> (top right) for KB4560960.  If this update is found, please <uninstall> and restart your computer.  Try printing again.
141 E-Slip Rejected by CSIO

Error: HTTP Getlink Result Code 200

Go to Utilities – Define Your Company Information – Integration Tab 5 – CSIO My Proof of Insurance/Edelivery – Question: Always Send Head Office address to E-Slip, or send Branch Office address from Branch Table (H/B)  … in this case, H was selected as no Branches set up.
141 Error #1405

Send & Recieve (V. 4.50.12)

Verify there is an <al3decompress.exe> file present in BRO
142 New Computer, First time EDI download, Loop of .NET Framework install Please click here
143 Error 1705 Error #1705 is returned when you try to access a file that is already in use, or if attempting to save a file to a location that you do not have permissions to (for example, a network drive)  Try browsing to that location to see if you have access.

The file could be locked open on your computer or the server. Try rebooting your workstation.

If these do not work, please contact your local IT for assistance.

144 Error 1924 Reboot Server and run Powertools to PACK
145 Error 1733

Error Message: Class Definition OUTLOOK.APPLICATON is not found


This error indicates that Outlook is launching due to a setting on Customer Screen (Send Invoice via Outlook <Y>) and Outlook is not on this workstation.

Either install Outlook, or change setting to NO for Outlook (invoice then ‘prints’)

146 Unable to view Pathway abeyances Go to TABLES – User Preferences – re-browse for Internet Explorer pathway





147 Error #1405 – Send & Receive Verify you have the <al3decompress.exe> file in your BRO folder.
148 Error #43 – Insufficient Memory May be caused by ‘missing information’ or ‘corruption’ in Bro files.

Try a reboot of the Server and run Powertools #2 through #6.  If you receive an error, leave on the screen and contact Power Broker Support for further assistance.

149 Slow Network after moving to New Server (2019 Virtual Server) If the server is a 2019 Virtual Server, 2019 has RSC enabled in the Virtual Switch which slows down file transfers. By disabling that option though power shell I was able to test the speed which went from 30 seconds to 3 and Power Broker now loads up properly.

We were able to find this solution by downloading v1.3 (Lite) Free.

Once installed, we selected the mapped drive where the bro is stored, then the \bro.  Once you click Start, we set the packets to 200 and continued.  Once completed, the upload and download speed should total 7 seconds.  If it’s less, bravo.  If it’s 25 or greater, you definitely have a network problem. Contact your local IT to continue.

150 OHOMEPAGE Contact our Support Team.  They will grab a copy of your <mqcomp.mem> file to review and/or edit.
151 The Power Broker / MS Word Launch has encountered the following error:

Error 1426

Error Message: OLE Error Code OX800706be: The Remote procedure call failed


Line with Error: 12

Have your IT connect to another computer or compare to your computer’s Word, and go to File – Options and look over the program settings to a computer that works.

Trust Center, Add-ins and Advanced may have different settings based on the install of Office.

152 MS Word Form Letter

“The VFP8R.dll file is invalid or damaged”

Verify the customer and Policy screen for any strange characters and verify the email on the customer screen.

For example: there could be a “-“ in the email

153 ZoHo integration ‘not launching’ Check the icon on the desktop and compare to Define Your Company info – Software Directories.  They must be the same.  Please phone Support for more details
154 Create New Foxuser Resource message
Click OK
Edit the \bro\config.fpw and ensure that it has:
155 Printer Not Activated Error Code 41 Fix system errors
Errors within the operating system can cause “Printer not activated, error code 41” issue on your system. The errors may be with the system files associated with the printer drivers or within some of the registry entries related to the functioning of the printer. All users having “Printer not activated, error code 41” need to check integrity of the system files on the operating system using ‘sfc/scannow’ command in the CMD. Then repair the operating system with the help of the original Windows installation disc. Additionally, users must also clean the registry of the system using a registry cleaning software.Check printer configuration
Incorrect configuration of printer related settings can also cause “Printer not activated, error code 41”. This problem is also known to come up if the selected printer is not set as the default printer to carry out the printing tasks. Users getting “Printer not activated, error code 41” message are suggested to check the printer configuration and also restart the printer spooler service that is running in the background of the system. This can be done using the printers and fax option in the ‘Start’ menu and service can be restarted using the ‘services.msc’ command under ‘Run’.Reinstall drivers
Damage or corruption of the printer drivers installed on the system can also cause “Printer not activated, error code 41. Users experiencing this issue need to completely remove the printer drivers installed on the system using the device manager and then reinstall the printer drivers. This removes all the errors and brings back the printer to its normal state of functioning.
156 Error: 1923   END OF DAY
Object OOUTLOOK1 is not found
Rebrowse for Outlook pathway in User Preferences and try End of Day function again.
157 Cannot Locate Visual Foxpro – Version 5 Download and save <workstation2019.exe> to your BRO folder.  Browse to BRO and run workstation2019.  Once completed,  run workstation.exe also found in your BRO folder.  Please Note:  you may need to right-click the file and run ‘as administrator’.
158 Error 202 Invalid Path Invoicing Check if you are Wholesale, you should have a wholesale.jpg, delete reportlogo