This document is to assist in troubleshooting the setup of your Windows Task Scheduler.

To do so, please login as the Domain Administrator on the computer/server you are running your Windows Task Scheduler. Many setups have failed in the past due to the network tech logging in as the Server Administrator, and not the Domain Administrator.

Download the pbwtstest.exe file and install it to the default of C:\TaskScheduler .

Open Windows Explorer/File Manager. If you do not show file extensions, please click on View Options, View and remove the check mark for ‘Hide Extensions of known file types’.

Right click and edit your C:\pbwtstest.cmd and look for \\poweredge\dataq
The Drive letter Q just before this represents a mapped drive. Change to the drive letter Power Broker is installed on
-PowerEdge represents a server name
-dataq represents a share name
Erase both fields and type in your own server name and data share name but leave the backslash in between.

Further down the page you will see the Q: drive mentioned a second time.

Please change this drive to the mapped network drive where Power Broker is stored on your network.

Save your changes.

You would now, at any time of the day, set this task up to run pbwtstest.cmd through your task scheduler. Set the task for 10 minutes from now, log out of your server, and in 12 minutes log back in and go to \BRO\PBLOG.TXT and open with Notepad or Wordpad. It should have a one line entry of the date you ran this utility last. To see more about Windows Task Scheduler setup, please click here Task Scheduler Kill Brow .

If not, there are further results you can look over in the debug.txt and error.txt to show issues.

If you are not sure how to read them, and the \BRO\pblog.txt was blank or an old date, then please email the C:\TaskScheduler debug.txt and error.txt files. We will review and get back to you.

Click here to download Task Scheduler

**Please Note:  if you are using Google Chrome, please ‘right-click’ over the download area and select <open link in new tab> to download this file