VERY IMPORTANT  Exclusive Use is Required.


Brokers now have the option to run Task Scheduler on their file server while their server is ‘logged off’ by creating a .cmd file. It will essentially trigger the task at a set time, launch Power Broker Task Scheduler, run all the items and then sign out. It is important for the broker to know that if they are running more than one item, to not run it at the same time.

See instructions below for creating .cmd file:

Open NotePad and copy the below contents to the new Notepad screen. The user will have to change the Drive letter, server name and the shared folder on your server to match your environment.

Example for a user trying to run Client Desk:

net use Q: \\Zyserv9\dataq /persistent:no
cd bro

On the root of the C drive, make a folder called ‘TaskScheduler’ and place the clientdesktask.cmd file in the Task Scheduler folder.

Please ensure that when creating this folder, that your Domain Administrator or the Admin User you are going to run the Task Scheduler as, that the folder has ‘Full Control’ for Permissions.

NOTE: If you are leaving your server turned on, then please take out the first line of the command file (example: net use Q: \\Zyserv9\dataq /persistent:no)

Then, search for Task Scheduler from your Start button on the desktop. Click on Create Task on the right side of screen.

Create a new trigger:

Create a new action:

Once you see your new task, then click OK.

You will then be able to see your task in the Task Scheduler Library. Try testing it by right clicking on the task and choosing ‘Run’.

For any other executable you are wanting to run, the user will have to create separate tasks through the task scheduler running at separate times. A list of examples are as follows:

Click here for setting up power broker task inside of Power Broker.